Offbeat burger choices heat up the frying pans in Islamabad

Special Offbeat burger choices heat up the frying pans in Islamabad
WARNING: this story is not for the uninitiated. Especially if your definition of a culinary adventure is to stop by the bun kabab joint closest to your place of residence simply because it’s convenient and tasty. (Shutterstock)
Updated 27 November 2018

Offbeat burger choices heat up the frying pans in Islamabad

Offbeat burger choices heat up the frying pans in Islamabad
  • Several eateries catering to capital’s love for meaty treats
  • Arab News rounds up six must-try places for varied reasons

ISLAMABAD: In our hunt for the best burgers in the capital, we chanced upon some usual suspects with a touch of pizazz, while others knocked our socks off with their use of ingredients from an adventurous palette of condiments.

Don’t believe us? Classico Burger’s onion jam will force you to think again. Taking over the Hot Spot (literally), Classico is a new burger venture from the iconic ice cream hub, serving its signature beef burgers with the delicious filling, ensuring that fans return with empty plates asking for more.

Then there is the old and the new.

Jessie’s in Jinnah Market continues to be one of the reigning burger champions. The stellar burger joint — which recently set up shop in Lahore — sparked a burger craze in the capital when it opened in Islamabad two years ago. Its diverse menu ranges from the classic cheeseburgers to themed bites such as the ‘Pindi Boy’ (a modern twist on the bun kabab) and ‘The Firestarter’ — a spicy burger with a fiery hot sauce.

While Jessie’s burgers sit pretty sandwiched between hundreds of bun slices, even as they are devoured by several more, Sols — a small scale, delivery only, burger joint — is the newest kid on the block which is winning fans faster than the flip of a patty. Top points for their homemade condiments, including their signature barbecue sauce. A must try in the comfort of your own home is their mushroom ‘n’ swiss burger which boasts a generous serving of fresh and hearty mushrooms.

And while you polish off that patty dressed in your pajamas, let’s not forget the brave souls who dress to the nines — not as a mark of respect for the meat that they are about to eat but — to record it for posterity on Instagram. Keeping that in mind, we understand that the burger you eat shouldn’t only taste good, it should look even better. Enter Street Burger. Located in Islamabad’s Beverly Center in F6, this new joint has gained notoriety not only for its large burgers, but also for its black sesame seed buns. Result? Pictures that are Instagram gold. Try their ‘Juicy Lucy’, where the slice of cheese is stuffed inside the patty or their southern style chicken burgers (you are welcome). 

Not one to be left behind is the Char Grill Central (CGC) which recently moved location and is heating up the food scene in Bahria Town. With delicious and classic burgers, cooked with consistency to ensure their inimitable taste, we’d be surprised if CGC doesn’t feature in the list of the city’s burger aficionados.

That’s if you aren’t already parked outside Abey Khao — a burger joint operating from a food truck but making waves for a completely different reason. While we applaud their solid and curated menu of chicken and beef burgers, what’s even more commendable is that their operations are run by members of Pakistan’s deaf community, an initiative which makes them totally worth their salt.