Here’s what 10 Pakistani celebrities love about Eid Al-Adha

Here’s what 10 Pakistani celebrities love about Eid Al-Adha
(Photo Courtesy: Mawra Hocane Instagram)
Updated 12 August 2019

Here’s what 10 Pakistani celebrities love about Eid Al-Adha

Here’s what 10 Pakistani celebrities love about Eid Al-Adha
  • Personalities from Pakistan’s entertainment industry share what the best part of their Eid at home is really all about
  • Festivities revolve around family, food and charity

ISLAMABAD: Eid Al-Adha, one of Islam’s two biggest festivals, is celebrated by Muslims all over the world, bringing families together and building a sense of both charity and community.

This Eid, Arab News asked ten of Pakistan’s brightest talents and celebrities what is for them, the best part of the much-awaited holiday.

(Photo Courtesy: Hareem Farooq Instagram)

Actor, producer Hareem Farooq: “The best part of Eid is spending time with my family and sleeping! As for this year… giving (my movie) ‘Heer Maan Ja’ to the audience!“

(Photo Courtesy: Ahsan Khan Instagram)

Actor, producer Ahsan Khan: “For me, the best part of Eid is spending time with family, looking forward to the sunnah that we all perform particularly distributing Eid supplies to families that really need and deserve them. I want to focus this year on spreading awareness about keeping Pakistan, our country, clean with our actions.”

(Photo Courtesy: Adnan Malik Instagram)

Actor, director Adnan Malik: “It used to be getting Eidi when I was a deserving child. Now it’s just the sense of community and reconnecting with family. We all get so busy in our individual lives and Eid is an event that helps everyone reconnect.”

(Photo Courtesy: Faiza Saleem Instagram)

Comedian, actor Faiza Saleem: “I think in this time and day, the best thing about Eid is that you get to dress up in your nice fancy desi clothes and meet your entire family in one place! For those of us who get to have it, it is all about meeting up with our family members and just chilling with them. I think the best part is the family reunion.”

(Photo Courtesy: Junaid Khan Instagram)

Actor, singer Junaid Khan: “I love when the entire Muslim world unites and shows their loyalty to the Almighty.”

(Photo Courtesy: Saboor Aly Instagram)

Actor Saboor Aly: “Spending time with family and friends and of course, the festivities of Eid Al-Adha!”

(Photo Courtesy: Wahaj Ali Instagram)

Actor Wahaj Ali: “The best part for me is the kaleji (mutton liver) for lunch and barbecue for dinner!”

(Photo Courtesy: Anoushey Ashraf Instagram)

TV and radio host Anoushay Ashraf: “The best part of Eid, for me, I think it’s definitely the fact that my father makes it a point we visit relatives we haven’t seen in the course of the whole year. You see your uncles and aunts you know and are close to often enough, but you don’t see extended family that often. We have some relatives that live far away, and my father makes sure to see them once a year on Eid.”

(Photo Courtesy: Mariyam Nafees Instagram)

Actor Mariyam Nafees: Lots and lots and lots of food! Waking up to food cooked by Amma and its never ending cycle. For our family, Eid is all about food and meeting your loved and favorite ones. The best part also includes looking after the underprivileged people around us, making them happy and sharing food and love with them... is also something that makes this Eid so special.”

(Photo Courtesy: Zainab Raja Instagram)

Actor Zainab Raja: “My favorite thing about Eid Al-Adha is the barbecue and delicious meals served throughout the day.”