Cairo film retrospective celebrates Egypt’s Ihsan Abdel Quddous

Updated 26 October 2019

Cairo film retrospective celebrates Egypt’s Ihsan Abdel Quddous

CAIRO: A film retrospective celebrating the centennial of the late Egyptian writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous is currently running at Cairo’s art-house cinema Zawya. The retrospective opened Oct. 18 with a screening of 1972’s “Empire of M” and features 14 of the 49 films written by Quddous, or adapted from his literary works. It runs until Nov. 1.

According to the organizer’s notes, Quddous “played an integral role in shaping the Egyptian cinematic and literary memory. It proved a challenge to program a retrospective that would encompass and rightfully represent his wide body of work.”

Ihsan Abdel Quddous. (Courtesy: The Abdel Quddous family)

Highlights include “I Am Free” (1959), “Don’t Put Out the Sun” (1961), “The Black Sunglasses” (1963), “The Thin Thread”(1971), “The Dancer and the Politician” (1990), and “The Dancer and the Drummer” (1984). The latter will be screened in the presence of Egyptian actress Nabila Ebeid, who starred in several films written by Quddous.

A film poster for ‘The Empty Pillow.’ (Courtesy: The Abdel Quddous family)

The aim of the retrospective was to curate a program that “depicts the variety characterizing the adaptations of Abdel Quddous’ work, spanning different stages and time periods,” said Nawara Shoukry, head of cinema at Zawya. “We created a wish list, then approached distributors and copyright owners.”

Shoukry added that the Abdel Quddous family provided original film posters, on show at the cinema in parallel to the screenings.

A film poster for ‘The Black Sunglasses.’ (Courtesy: The Abdel Quddous family)

Abdel Quddous’ grandson, journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous, spoke at the event on opening night. “Unfortunately, he died when I was still in school, before I developed my own ideas and views in politics and in life, and before I became a journalist,” he said, praising his grandfather’s “prolific writings” and “the extent of their impact on Egyptian and Arab society.”   

“I always imagine how much I would have learnt from him and benefitted from talking to him and from his experience,” he said. “His journalism was always independent and against the regime. This freedom has had a direct influence on me.”

Dubai’s streetwear festival Sole DXB canceled due to pandemic

Updated 09 August 2020

Dubai’s streetwear festival Sole DXB canceled due to pandemic

DUBAI: The region’s premiere streetwear festival, Sole DXB, will not be happening in 2020, the organizers announced via a statement on Sunday.

The organizers revealed that they “aren’t confident” that they can deliver the experience festival-goers “deserve with the health and safety standards” they expect. 

“While the situation continues to improve on the ground in Dubai, the festival is a collective effort by our community around the world and we’re ready to wait ‘til they can be a part of it too,” said the statement.

Organizers also announced that they do not have a new date set. The streetwear and music festival typically takes place during the first week of December.

The urban and streetwear festival seamlessly brings together the region’s music lovers and sneakerheads, who flock to Dubai Design District to enjoy performances from top artists such as Nas and Wu Tang Clan as well as shop local and international streetwear brands.

In light of the pandemic, Sole DXB recently launched a new mixed-media platform,, dedicated to music, fashion, the visual arts and sports from the Middle East, India, Africa, the Caribbean and their diasporas.