Saudi film ‘One, Two, Three, Action’ starts shooting in Dubai

Saudi film ‘One, Two, Three, Action’ starts shooting in Dubai
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Updated 19 December 2019

Saudi film ‘One, Two, Three, Action’ starts shooting in Dubai

Saudi film ‘One, Two, Three, Action’ starts shooting in Dubai
  • Jamal Al-Sharif: Dubai aims to have a major role in the prosperity of the GCC film industry and to discover local talent

DUBAI: Shooting for a joint Saudi-Emirati produced film has begun in earnest.

The movie, called “One, Two, Three, Action,” is being produced by  UAE’s ITP Media Group and Saudi Arabia’s N Stars Studio. 

The film, directed by Egyptian director, Shadi Lenin El-Ramly, features many actors from Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Also for the first time, it features social media stars from the GCC.

The movie’s filming in Dubai is being supported by the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC).

The makers said that filming will take about four weeks in locations including Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard and the Address Hotel, Dubai Mall, all of which belong to Emaar Properties, one of the movie’s sponsors.

Among the sponsors are Dubai Studio City and Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Scenes have been filmed at the soundstage studio of Dubai Studio City.


  • The movie is supported by the Dubai Film and TV Commission.
  • It features actors from Saudi Arabia and the GCC.
  • Filming locations and the quality of technical and logistical services enhance Dubai’s appeal to Arab and international filmmakers.

Many Saudi and GCC artists participated in the new work as well as new faces such as Mayssa Maghrebi, Majed Motreb Fawaz, Rakan Abdulwahid, Khaled Yaslem, Rakan Bo Khaled, Ahmed Al-Hazimi, Fay Fouad, Emirati actor Abdullah Al-Ghamdi and Noureddine Al-Youssef.

Social media stars are also participating in the film. These include Dyler, Saudi poet Ziyad bin Nahit, Hana, and other young talents from the GCC. In addition, a large number of talented volunteers are taking part in the film, whether as supporting actors or as members of the production team.

DFTC Chairman Jamal Al-Sharif said: “The Saudi and GCC film industry has a promising future in light of the ambitious development plans adopted by the region’s governments, which have placed cultural and creative development as a priority for the next stage.”

Ahmed Hashem. (Nagro N Stars Studio)

“This is promising for the growth of creative industries in the region, especially the film industry, in which Dubai has come a long way by establishing strong infrastructure and high-level logistical and service facilities to support the industry and empower those working in it, whether inside the country of across the region, to produce world-class works.”

Al-Sharif added: “We are delighted to welcome the film’s team in Dubai. It is our pleasure to support this work, and we wish it and its workers success. We hope for this film to be the start of a new series of feature films that establish a strong GCC film industry which can benefit from Dubai’s capabilities that are accessible to filmmakers in the region and the world.”

“Owing to these capabilities, Dubai has become a destination on the filmmaking map, especially as it has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in providing diverse support services to major global cinema works.”

Al-Sharif highlighted that the vision that has characterized Dubai has been about taking initiative and laying the foundation for an integrated infrastructure to serve the film industry. This was in addition to finding the support for this infrastructure — such as regulatory frameworks that help filmmakers to implement their art projects easily as well as talents, staff, devices, equipment and film studios equipped with the latest lighting, sound and other technologies.

“This emphasizes Dubai’s ability to make an effective contribution toward creating a true renaissance in the GCC film industry,” he said.

He also referred to the support provided by DFTC to young talents, evident in allowing volunteers to be part of the huge production to gain experience by working with the film’s team and professional actors.

The producers of “One, Two, Three, Action” expressed their gratitude for the support the film received in Dubai and the encouragement it had from the UAE, the main filmmaking destination in the region.

They stressed that the launch of the film from Dubai will further motivate the team as the place has always been associated with successful projects.

Ahmed Hashem Nagro, of N Stars Studio, expressed his appreciation for everyone supporting the film. “We especially thank Emaar Properties for the filming locations it provided and the services it offered to ensure the ease of filming,” he said.

“We also thank the DFTC for providing all the necessary facilities. We trust that this support will have an impact on producing the work in the best way. It is a pleasure to be among our people in the UAE to present this work, which we hope will win the admiration of Saudi and GCC viewers.”