Keys hidden all over Riyadh give foodies access to this unique Diriyah Season restaurant

At Parkers Farmhouse, a golden key is needed to gain entry. (AN photo/Noor Nugali)
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Updated 20 December 2019

Keys hidden all over Riyadh give foodies access to this unique Diriyah Season restaurant

A scavenger hunt for a golden key has come to Diriyah Season: Parkers Farmhouse, a unique themed restaurant co-owned by Deem Al-Bassam and Amal Al-Marri, has arrived at the festival.

The key to getting in is to find the golden key. Hidden in various parts in Riyadh, the restaurateurs offer a fun exclusive take on eating out in the open air — you have to follow Parkers’ Snapchat and Instagram stories for clues to locate the key, and gain access to the spacious outdoor dining area.

After the long hunt is over, scavangers may find themselves in a long queue to be served. But when the wait is over, customers are welcomed into the beautifully lit outdoor restaurant area and served Arabic coffee near the bonfire before being seated.

This is the second Parkers pop-up restaurant to open in Saudi Arabia. However, the concept was first implemented in Dubai and after its initial success, more restaurants followed. 

“Before we opened this Parkers Farmhouse, we had Parkers Lighthouse in Al-Rae’da for six months,” Sayed Hassan, the operations manager, said.

“We believe in quality ambiance. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of food. It’s a combination of a beautiful concept with unmatchable food and top-quality service.” 

The food served at the restaurant is as unique as its concept. An interesting menu serves up a feast of choices, with the signature dish for Diriyah corn on the cob drizzled with sauce. Their famous spicy toffee shrimp, truffle burger and the oozing mac and cheese with spicy cheetos on top are also worth trying.

Their famous street fries are smothered with sauce and served steaming hot. Chicken and beef sliders are also beloved by customers, as is the Madeline chocolate cake, a three-layered masterpiece drizzled with sauce and flakes. The slices served are deliberately large, too, because, as Sayed says: “You can eat and take the rest home, so Parkers is always with you.”

Notice setting date for Saudi international flights ‘is bogus’

Updated 12 August 2020

Notice setting date for Saudi international flights ‘is bogus’

  • Aviation chiefs issue official denial after fake circular says passengers can fly to and from Kingdom from October

RIYADH: A fake circular suggesting Saudi Arabia will resume international flights in October has been condemned as “completely baseless and fabricated” by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).
Rumors that international flights will shortly return have been circulating on social media in recent weeks without any official statement from GACA.
On Tuesday, the authority denied announcing the resumption of international flights and said information being circulated was fabricated.
Saudi Arabia suspended international flights from March 15 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Since domestic flights restarted on May 31, rumors have been circulating regarding the return of international flights. On Monday, the bogus GACA circular was shared on various social media platforms suggesting flights into and out of Saudi Arabia would resume in October. It sparked a flurry of speculation.
The circular, titled “No flights till October 2020,” said: “An employee of the GACA has stated in a recent interview that all international flights to and from the Kingdom are to remain suspended till the month of October.” Quoting a GACA official, the circular said that the decision was subject to the number of coronavirus cases, which must “come down to three digits.”
GACA official spokesman Ibrahim bin Abdullah Alrwosa told Arab News the circular “is completely baseless and fabricated.”
He shared a tweet from the authority’s public relations department describing the circular as incorrect.
The civil aviation authority has previously said there is no specific date for the resumption of international flights, he added.
All international flights remain suspended until further notice.
However, exceptions have been made for humanitarian assistance and emergency cases, medical evacuation flights and repatriation of stranded citizens and expatriates wanting to return home.