Karen Wazen shares daily vlogs during self-isolation

Karen Wazen shares daily vlogs during self-isolation
Lebanese influencer Karen Wazen has announced that she and her family will stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. (File/Getty)
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Updated 15 March 2020

Karen Wazen shares daily vlogs during self-isolation

Karen Wazen shares daily vlogs during self-isolation

DUBAI: As the coronavirus continues to spread, many celebrities and fashion influencers are opting to practice social distancing and self-isolate in an attempt to help stop the spread of the infectious disease. Among them is Lebanese blogger Karen Wazen, who has announced to her 2.6 million Instagram followers that she and her family have decided to stay at home amid the pandemic.

“The world’s situation right now is critical... with the coronavirus pandemic spreading really quickly across the globe we have decided as a family to isolate ourselves and stay home and stay safe,” she wrote on Instagram. Wazen also went on to reveal that she will be sharing daily vlogs about how her family is spending that time at home. “Our little family is enjoying getting creative with ideas on how to spend quality home time and we wanted to share our dailies with you,” she added.

If Wazen’s daily documentation of her self-isolation is any indication, the mother-of-three has found plenty of creative ways to keep her young children engaged and occupied in her bid to help restrict the spread of the virus.

The Lebanese influencer has been uploading vlogs of her self-quarantine with her legion of followers, sharing videos of what she and her family have been getting up to during their period of self-isolation. Some of the activities include having her children use coloring books, shooting hoops in their backyard and playing with dolls.

Other activities included cycling with her kids, painting, juggling soccer balls outside and role-playing.

Wazen also taught her son the importance of washing his hands with a simple experiment that demonstrates the surface tension of water, using water, pepper and soap.

Many stars are spending time at home, practicing social distancing during the coronavirus crisis. US model Emily Ratajkowski has been holed up in her New York apartment for the past couple of days, spending quality time with her husband and her puppy. “Self-quarantined with my babies,” she captioned a photo of the trio.

Actor Orlando Bloom posted on his Instagram Stories that he and others from the cast of “Carnival Row” were returning to the US from Prague “to be quarantined.”