UAE calls on citizens abroad to return due to travel difficulties

United Arab Emirates has urged its citizens abroad to return home due to travel difficulties amid the spread of coronavirus and suspensions of flights from some countries. (File/AFP)
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Updated 17 March 2020

UAE calls on citizens abroad to return due to travel difficulties

  • UAE has recorded 98 cases of the virus
  • Foreign ministry says vital for citizens abroad to contact mission in the country they are in

DUBAI: UAE citizens traveling abroad have been urged to return home.
The foreign ministry made the call due to travel conditions becoming more restricted and flights suspended in several countries, the state news agency WAM reported. 
The ministry called on unwell Emirati students abroad to coordinate with the scholarship agency through the UAE’s embassies.
The ministry also said it was vital for citizens traveling abroad to contact the mission in the country they are currently in, adding that any Emirati traveler should register with their nearest mission.

Meanwhile, Dubai budget carrier flydubai suspended flights after a number of countries imposed national and international travel restrictions.

Flights to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia were suspended until March 31 while services to Kuwait between March 14 and March 19 were cancelled. Flights to India between March 17 and 31 we also scrapped.

Flights to Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Sudan were also suspended, and the carrier has not issued any statement when they would be resumed.


Dubai ambulance service launches ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ to protect paramedics

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Dubai ambulance service launches ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ to protect paramedics

DUBAI: The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has launched the first ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ as a safeguard against viruses that its paramedics may pass on to their colleagues and families.

The new device helps paramedics safeguard themselves from any infection that their clothes may catch during the course of working with confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, WAM state news agency reported.

The ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ has been installed at the entrance of the accommodation facility of Dubai Ambulance’s field workers, along with thermal screening equipment.

The ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ sprays workers with a mist that disinfects clothes in less than 20 seconds. By detecting movements automatically, the device starts spraying only when a person passes through it, helping to save on energy. The device also has hand sanitizers.

“To ensure the safety of the community and the protection of frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19, we developed this innovative equipment, the first to be installed in the country. By efficiently sterilizing their clothes and shoes, the ‘Self Sanitization Walk’ allows paramedics and other staff to gain an additional level of protection,” Dubai Ambulance’s Executive Director Khalifa Aldrai said.

“The new device, developed in collaboration with SFFECO Global, enables health workers to perform their duties with a high level of safety.”

CAFU, the region’s first on-demand fuel delivery app, meanwhile said it will provide all ambulances operated by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services with free fuel for a period of two weeks.

CAFU’s 180 trucks will deliver petrol on-demand to the corporation's fleet of ambulances that operate in over 100 locations across Dubai, bringing contactless fuel delivery to frontline health workers and eliminating the need for them to go to a petrol station.