Updated 19 May 2020

Ramadan TV catchup

Ramadan TV catchup

If you haven’t gotten around to watching any Ramadan TV yet, fret not – we’ve filtered through to bring you the top series talked about online, as per latest data released by Twitter MENA. Binge-watch in order?

  • ‘El-Brince’

    Love it or hate it, this Mohamed Ramadan starrer has been the talk of the socials this season. If you’re a fan of his work, it’s worth catching up on this drama.

  • ‘Makhraj 7’

    Nasser Al-Qasabi’s comedy has attracted its fair share of controversy online due to some of the topics explored. But that doesn’t mean viewers haven’t been tuning in.

  • ‘Qalby Etmaan’

    The feel-good show of the season comes in the form of this UAE reality TV series based on an anonymous character called Ghaith, who travels the region to help those less fortunate.

  • ‘Ramez Majnoon Rasmi’

    Well-known media figures have slated it; some of the public have called for its cancelation. But the thing with MBC’s big hit is that it’s impossible to look away from Galal’s pranks on the Arab world’s biggest celebs.

  • ‘Umm Haroun’

    You just need to search for its hashtag to see the conversation surrounding Umm Haroun, some of which some commentators have said has been massively blown out of proportion. We’ll leave it to your judgement.

  • ‘Khiyanit Ahid’

    Somewhat the sleeper hit of the season, this drama starring the Egyptian superstar Yousra has received great reviews on social media.