Saudi Arabia, UAE reaffirm commitment to global fight against Daesh

An image grab taken from a video released by Daesh. (File/AFP)
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Updated 05 June 2020

Saudi Arabia, UAE reaffirm commitment to global fight against Daesh

  • The virtual meeting was attended by ministers from 30 countries
  • Saudi Arabia and UAE congratulated the Iraqi PM for forming the new government

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia and UAE reiterated their commitment to eliminate Daesh and its cells in a virtual meeting for the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh.
“We in Saudi Arabia are ready to share our experiences in combating terrorism and extremism, preventing their financing and promoting the values of tolerance and openness,” Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal bin Farhan said.
The meeting was attended by ministers from 30 countries.
“I would like to cite the work of the Counter ISIS Finance Group (CIFG), chaired by Saudi Arabia, the US, and Italy, and its continuous efforts to eliminate funding sources of Daesh and its affiliates. In our meeting in Copenhagen last January, we affirmed the importance of preventing the exploitation of reconstruction funds,” Farhan added.
The minister drew attention towards the focused efforts on eliminating the terrorist organization in Africa and expressed worries about “the lack of political solutions to the crises in our region, and by the external support given to sectarian militias that promote hatred and extremism.”
Meanwhile, the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said his country will continue to do everything possible as a co-leader of the Stabilization Task Force together with Germany and the US.
“The UAE has long been aware of the fact that the threat posed by Daesh requires a multi-faceted strategy and a firm commitment. It is this robust coordination between us that has rendered successful our efforts to obstruct the terrorist group’s threats at the international level,” Gargash said.
Both countries also congratulated Iraq’s PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on the formation of the new government.

US blasts Houthis over ‘ticking time bomb’ tanker in Red Sea

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US blasts Houthis over ‘ticking time bomb’ tanker in Red Sea

  • Iran-backed militias renege on agreement to allow UN inspectors aboard stricken vessel holding 1.4 million barrels of oil

AL-MUKALLA, Yemen: The US blasted Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen on Sunday for reneging on a deal to allow UN teams to board a rusting oil storage vessel that threatens an environmental disaster in the Red Sea.

The FSO Safer has been moored 7 km off the coast of Yemen since 1988. It fell into Houthi hands in March 2015, when they took control of the coast around the port city of Hodeidah.

The Houthis briefly bowed to pressure last month and agreed to allow a team of UN engineers to visit the ship, before changing their minds and restating their previous demands for the revenue from the oil. As the vessel’s condition deteriorates there are fears that the 1.4 million barrels of oil it contains will start to seep out.

“The Houthis have failed to follow through on their agreement to allow a UN team on to the Safer,” the White House National Security Council said on Sunday.

“They are courting environmental and humanitarian disaster by obstructing and delaying. For the good of Yemen and the region, the Houthis must allow the UN aboard the Safer.”

A recent water leak into the tanker’s engine prompted warnings of a major disaster.

“The time has come for a resolute response for an outcome,” the Yemen Embassy in Washington said on Sunday. 

“There cannot be more delays or deliberations. UN inspectors must immediately access and assess the Safer oil tanker even without Houthi permission.”

The UK echoed its concerns. “There is another floating disaster off the Yemeni coast with potentially as massive an ecological footprint as the shockwave that engulfed Beirut,” former Middle East minister Alistair Burt said. “The politics preventing safe evacuation of the oil must stop immediately.”