Top brands in Saudi Arabia in 2021


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Updated 25 November 2021



Brand Index Score: 50.3

Headquarters: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Founder: Shakkour Abu Ghazalah

Founded: 1974

Al-Baik is a Saudi fast-food chain that sells mainly broasted and fried chicken. It is Saudi Arabia’s largest restaurant chain and currently has trade names in more than 80 countries.

The chain was founded by Shakour Abu Ghazalah, a Saudi entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken in a restaurant on Old Airport Road in Jeddah.

Al-Baik has more than 120 branches, with more than 40 in Jeddah, 10 in Mecca, eight in Medina, one in Taif, one in Riyadh, and other branches throughout the kingdom.

In 2020, Al-Baik opened two branches in Bahrain, marking the first expansion outside Saudi Arabia.

It launched an environmental awareness program in 2005 and joined the largest global environmental campaigns supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

In 2014, Al-Baik led the BrandIndex rankings released by the market research company YouGov with a brand score of 36.5. In 2017, Al-Baik was Saudi Arabia’s top brand, and in 2020, the YouGov BrandIndex Customer Loyalty rankings placed Al-Baik among the top three in Saudi Arabia.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Al-Baik donated 10,000 free meals daily to the people in Jeddah to lift the financial burden facing families under the lockdown.