TikTok celebrates Ramadan values in new campaign

TikTok celebrates Ramadan values in new campaign
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Updated 06 April 2022

TikTok celebrates Ramadan values in new campaign

TikTok celebrates Ramadan values in new campaign
  • The platform’s initiative focuses on a number of values traditionally associated with the holy month, including kindness, tolerance and generosity

DUBAI: TikTok has launched a campaign that aims to encapsulate the spirit of the holy month through a host of content, creator opportunities, hashtags and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

After video views grew by 21 percent and engagement by 22 percent in 2021, the platform aims to position itself as the premier regional entertainment hub during Ramadan.

“Ramadan has always been a significant cultural moment within our region and one of great importance to families and friends, as they take time to come together and reflect over shared values and moments,” said Hany Kamel, content operations director at TikTok MENA.

“As a facilitator of one of the largest and most engaged online communities in the region and beyond, we wanted to deliver on this in a way that not only entertains but also educates, empowers and builds a more digitally responsible generation.”

The campaign focuses on four key Ramadan values: kindness, togetherness, tolerance and giving.

One of the initiatives features the Arabic language hashtag “#صناع_البهجة” — which translates as “makers of joy. It challenges content creators and users to take to the streets in search of people who will give them a fist bump on camera. Passers-by who do so are rewarded with a hidden, Ramadan-themed gift concealed in the bumped hand.

Another hashtag, #StitchKindness, celebrates everyday, unsung heroes by highlighting small acts of kindness. This effort is led by renowned Egyptian actress and model Nelly Karim, along with influencers Mohammed Sweidan in the UAE and Rand Majali in Saudi Arabia.

TikTok is celebrating the idea of togetherness through the use of several hashtags, including: #RamadanTableLive, which features daily live content from experts designed to inspire iftar menus; #HealthyRamadanLive, which includes information and advice from nutritionists and fitness experts, along with Q&A sessions and exercise sessions; #RamadanStories, in which storytellers share tales of history and personal development; and #RamadanReviews for discussions of the latest Ramadan TV shows.

TikTok said it will also continue to tackle issues of online safety and privacy through video content focusing on how to tackle bullying in digital spaces. The platform added that it will work with partners across the region — online and off — to give back to the community.