People can go online using contact lenses very soon, physicist tells Arab News

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Updated 16 October 2022

People can go online using contact lenses very soon, physicist tells Arab News

People can go online using contact lenses very soon, physicist tells Arab News
  • Individuals could access the Internet simply by blinking, Michio Kaku says on the sidelines of Dubai Future Forum

DUBAI: In the next five to 10 years, people will be able to use the internet through their contact lenses, says Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics and co-founder of the string field theory.

Michio Kaku told Arab News on the sidelines of Dubai Future Forum that individuals could go online simply by blinking.

He said that people could view the biography of someone across from them with these contact lenses.

“If they speak to you in Chinese, it’ll translate Chinese into whatever language you want,” he added.

According to him, people wearing those lenses will always know what and who they are looking at. He said that individuals will have “the sum total of human knowledge by blinking.”

Although Kaku has traveled the world, he has never seen a country like the UAE with the foresight, imagination, and vision to create the future, he said.

“Only in the UAE do we see leaders, visionaries, people that say that this is the way for the future of the country, the destiny of the area itself,” he added.

In collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation and the Museum of the Future, Kaku promotes the idea that science contributes to wealth, prosperity, enlightenment and education.

He added that the key to this is to motivate young people to get interested in science, create new industries, and develop new theories since science is ultimately the source of all wealth.

“The prosperity of society depends on science,” he said.

The scientist also participated in a panel discussion with the UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs Mohammad Al-Gergawi on the future predictions of the world.

In the discussion, Kaku described some scenarios in which computers will be replaced by chips embedded in the brains of individuals in the next 50 years.

“We will communicate telepathically, and we will be able to record our memories and emotions. Television will disappear, too, and the internet will be neurologically wired. We’ll be using quantum computers faster and more powerful than anything we’ve seen before,” he said.

As for energy, healthcare and entertainment, he warned the world to prepare for “major transformations.”

“We will be able to treat diseases like Parkinson’s and cancer at the molecular level, curing cancer as easily as we treat the common cold,” he said.

He added that people could detect cancer years before a tumor forms. “In upcoming sessions of the Dubai Future Forum, we must focus on future sources of wealth such as science, innovation, and technology to ensure the best future for humanity,” he concluded.

The Dubai Future Forum held at the MOTF featured over 45 international institutions and more than 400 experts striving to shape the future.