quotes Netanyahu must be thrown into the dustbin of history 

04 April 2024
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Updated 04 April 2024

Netanyahu must be thrown into the dustbin of history 

Up until Oct. 7, 2023, Israel appeared to the world as a small nation fighting for her survival against a group of Arab and Islamic countries surrounding her and cherishing her annihilation.
Then the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, launched a military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. It far exceeded its goals of retaliation against the killing by Hamas of Israelis and other nationalities. Netanyahu has been carrying out a bloody and vicious campaign to kill as many Palestinians as possible. For these crimes he deserves to be thrown into the dustbin of history.
The presumption that Israel has the right to defend herself must not negate the fact that Palestinians also have the right to defend themselves. For sure, the barbaric actions of Netanyahu against the Palestinians in Gaza do not rule out the possibility of him and his government committing acts of genocide. Simply put, there is no reason to kill over 30,000 Palestinians to hunt down a couple of hundred Hamas fighters.
Netanyahu and his Cabinet members have made explicit statements that they want to kill as many Palestinians as possible. Netanyahu’s massacre in Gaza raises a contradiction: How come Israel declares itself a democracy that respects human rights, while at the same time it is plundering Gaza and killing its population?
These heinous acts violate the basic principles of human rights and human dignity. There remains amid these terrible scenes in Gaza essential questions: Does Israel want a Palestinian state next door? Does Israel want to live in peace with the Palestinians?
The events in Gaza so far suggest not, and that Israel has no desire to honor any Palestinian political entity that represents the Palestinians legally in the world community of nations.
Netanyahu admits that he is using advanced weapons to kill Palestinians in Gaza. He always brandishes the character of the apocalypse to show that he has a biblical mandate to defend the Jewish people. He said in a speech: “We shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah — ‘There will no longer be stealing at your borders, and your gates will be of glory.’ Together we will fight, together we will win.”
Netanyahu was paraphrasing the Book of Isaiah, chapter 60, verse 18, which states: “Violence shall no more be heard in your land, devastation or destruction within your borders; you shall call your walls salvation, and your gates praise.”
However, it seems that there are verses from the Old Testament that condemn the actions of Netanyahu. The bad qualities in him make him equivalent to the evil kings of the Jewish scriptures. He is a person with extreme selfishness, cruelty, and indifference to human life, and he takes joy in the suffering of others.
Will Netanyahu listen to warnings about how the arrogance of human beings leads to their demise?
Netanyahu always alleges that the Arabs do not want peace with Israel. He should pay careful attention to the Arab Peace Initiative submitted by King Abdullah. The Arab Peace Initiative, or the Saudi Initiative, is a 10-sentence proposal to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was ratified by the Arab League in 2002 at the Beirut Summit.
The initiative promises normalization of relations by the Arab world with Israel, in return for a full withdrawal by Israel from the occupied territories which include the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights, and Lebanon. It also calls for a “just settlement” of the Palestinian refugee issue derived from UN Resolution 194. It sanctions the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.
Netanyahu is personally responsible for the war in Gaza. He has made peace in the Middle East more difficult. President Biden has permitted Netanyahu to broaden the war in Gaza. There is decisive evidence that Netanyahu is a war criminal. His actions are incompatible with human values, and the basic human value is the right to live. Finally, Netanyahu’s crimes in Gaza have their origins in the atrocities committed by the most vicious tyrants in human history.

Faisal Al-Shammeri is a political analyst. X: @Mr_Alshammeri