MTC-Vodafone Takes 3G Wireless Nationwide in Bahrain

Molouk Y. Ba-Isa, Arab News
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Tue, 2005-02-01 03:00

MANAMA, 1 February 2005 — MTC Vodafone (Bahrain) has expanded its 3G wireless network to cover the whole of Bahrain. MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) has operated a 3G network in the three main areas in Bahrain since December 2003. Together with Seef District, Diplomatic Area and the University of Bahrain — Sakhir Campus which had full 3G at launch, all stations across the entire island now support 3G mobile communications services, including high-quality voice and video mobile communication and data transmission.

With the expansion, MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) will be able to introduce to all cellular users in Bahrain a new lifestyle, by offering advanced mobile services like high-speed Internet access, e-mail with attached files, image and video downloading and video streaming.

“MTC has enjoyed a successful year with the launch of MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) and its (other) innovative launches — the launch of Atheer in Iraq and the management contract of the Lebanese mobile operator MTC Touch, formally known as Libancell,” said Dr. Saad Al-Barrak, CEO, MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain). “In Kuwait, MTC-Vodafone has maintained its leading position by offering its customers the latest services and technology, which has increased its customer base to 1.2 million customers. Our vision is to strengthen the position of MTC Group as a global player in the telecom sector and achieve our first three-year goal of obtaining a customer base of more than five million by the end of 2005.”

Khalid Al-Farkh, COO, MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain), added, “We had a victorious first year and we are proud of our achievements. Within less than one year, we have exceeded the 100,000 customer base and it is our aim to continue delighting our customers.”

To enjoy the range of new services, MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) customers need only use a 3G mobile phone. Customers from outside Bahrain who have eeZee Pre-paid chips can begin using the service immediately. To find out more about the MTC-Vodafone services log on to

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