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Sat, 2012-03-31 01:53

Prince Salman is the chairman of the supreme commission for the prize and grant.
Eighteen winners from the Kingdom and abroad will receive the prizes and awards at a function to take place in the King Abdul Aziz Lecture Hall of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center.
Six grants are awarded on contributions related to political, economic and cultural history of Makkah, the Saudi Press Agency reported yesterday.
The winners have been selected from 65 contestants who submitted their works to a screening committee.
The Saudi prize winners include: Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Zahiri, Laila bint Saleh Al-Bassam of Princess Noura University, Abdul Kareem Al-Khateeb and Hijab bin Yahya Al-Hazmi.
Member of the Supreme Ruling Council of Sharjah Sheikh Sultan Al-Qassmi is the winner from outside the Kingdom.
The prizes for doctoral theses went to “Metallic arts of Al-Fao village” prepared by Maha bint Abdullah Al-Sinan and “the Ottoman administration and regulations in Hijaz during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed II” written by Dayel Al-Khalidi.
The winning dissertations for master degree include “Prophet’s biography in the narrations of Anas bin Malik” prepared by Wadhi Al-Shahrani and “the influence of charity works in Makkan society during the Ayyubi and Mamluk periods” prepared by Fahd Al-Neghaimashi.
The prizes for books went to Houses and Chambers of the Prophet, peace be upon him, by Muhammad Al-Jameel of the King Saud University, and the Holiness and Merits of Makkah and Madinah in Jewish and Christian writings by Laila Zaezu and Assam Mudir. Scholarly article “The present state of building of the Maudi mosque in Diriyah” by Abdul Nasser Al-Zahrani of King Saud University.
The researchers who won the Prince Salman grant include Abdul Aziz Al-Zinaidi of Qassim university for his study “Majallah Magazine: A source of the history of Makkah during the period of King Abdul Aziz,” and Zafir Al-Shahri of the King Faisal University for his study “Makkah in the poems of the Pre-Islamic and Early Muslim Periods.

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