The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out

The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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The Elixir founders.
The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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VIP Elixir.
The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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IV Life.
The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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Pre &post surgery.
The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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Fitness VitaDrip.
The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out
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Pre & post maternity.
Updated 03 June 2016

The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out

The Elixir Clinic: Tailor-made beauty, inside and out

The Elixir Clinic is a reputed and trusted vitamin infusion and wellbeing center seeking to deliver inside-out beauty to its clients. It specializes in bespoke intravenous infusions, also known as VitaDrip, and wellbeing treatments tailored to specific needs. Partnered with CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital, the clinic offers a variety of alternative treatments centered around health and beauty, aimed to leave one feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The treatments are the safest and most effective for sustaining long-term health and wellbeing.
Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh founded the Elixir Clinic in 2013. It is one of the first clinics offering tailor-made intravenous infusions to sustain optimum health and ensure long-term well-being, in the UK and now in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The business is expanding in the Middle East, educating people with the benefits of its new integrated medicine and luxury treatments, and is already gaining a cult following of royals and celebrities. Bound to take the region by storm due to its immediate results, The Elixir Clinic is soon to be among the number one global brands for optimal health and long term wellbeing.

We at Arab News met with the founders of the unique clinic to learn more about this one-of-a-kind beauty and health service and its benefits for the human body.

Tell us about the infusions and how they can benefit health and wellbeing?
They are wellbeing infusions – you don’t need to be sick to have them. It’s to avoid getting sick, improve quality of life and avoid future diseases. Most of us are stressed, we don’t have a proper diet and our bodies cannot absorb all of the nutrients they need or the food that we eat doesn’t contain the proper vitamins and minerals, so the infusions give your body the boost that it needs to function properly. The infusions give a mix of all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and Amino acids to help the body function well.

What are the different types of infusions offered and what do they help with?
We provide 12 different kind of infusions. One of the basic VitaDrips we provide is called the Life VitaDrip, the original intravenous infusion, based on the Myers cocktail, designed with a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to promote overall well-being. Great if you are lacking energy and are in need of an immunity boost.
One of our favorite ones is the Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip which is in popular demand, administered to help many complaints such as pre-menopause and menopause symptoms. Adrenal fatigue can lead to all sorts of complaints such as irritability and water retention. Our Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip has an added benefit of helping to balance hormones and regulate sleeping patterns.
We all need antioxidants to fight against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Free radicals are found in anything from drinking to sunbathing, a lot of free radicals unfortunately are unavoidable, for example pollution, the Antioxidant VitaDrip will help your body to detox such toxins, and prevent the signs of aging and degenerative diseases.
Specifically for our athletic clientele, we provide the well-known Fitness VitaDrip. For those who are energetic and enjoy working out at optimum level, this is the VitaDrip for you. Administered with proteins and amino acids such as L’Carnitine to aid weight loss and B vitamins to boost energy levels, this will have you at your peak performance.
Another infusion that is most preferred by our fans is the Hair Growth VitaDrip. This infusion is tailored to help your hair look glossy, healthy and full and also to prevent hair loss. If you are experiencing dull, lifeless hair, then this is for you! It is infused with essential vitamins and minerals such as biotin to stimulate hair growth.
Hydration is so important as it promotes cardiovascular health, helps your muscles perform better and keeps your skin healthy and subtle. If you are dehydrated our Hydration VitaDrip will help you to quickly replenish the balance of water and nutrients you need.
Another amazing infusion is theYouthfulBeauty Vitadrip. In addition to its amazing detox properties, it helps with the removal of dark circles under eyes, hyper-pigmentation removal, anti-aging, immune boosting, energy surge and best of all it helps with hair growth and strengthening.
We also provide Pre and Post Maternity VitaDrip, having the right balance of vitamins essential for you and your baby. The Pre & Post Maternity VitaDrip includes the essential vitamins and minerals you need, such as folic acid, magnesium and zinc. This VitaDrip also includes biotin to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.
The Pre & Post Surgery VitaDrip is crucial after dealing with surgery stress. It keeps you energized and fights infection. Our Pre & Post Surgery VitaDrip is packed with essential nutrients to aid a speedy recovery.
Moreover, we offer the Radiance VitaDrip that mostly aims at detoxifying the skin. This VitaDrip contains a high dose of glutathione and vitamin C. Not only is glutathione a powerful antioxidant but it is fantastic at helping your skin recover from the damage caused by sun exposure and great at combating visible signs of aging.
The Rescue VitaDrip focuses on symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and hay fever, this VitaDrip will rescue you. It contains antihistamines and essential vitamins to keep your allergies under control.
Finally, our most wanted and luxurious VitaDrip is called VIP Elixir VitaDrip, the ultimate Elixir VitaDrip. It is a custom blend of essential vitamins and minerals tailored to your needs. A mix of the Antioxidant and the Anti-Aging VitaDrip, this really has everything to keep you looking and feeling great!

Are the infusions safe?
The substances used in VitaDrips are pure vitamins, minerals and amino acids; these are all water-soluble and plant-based. Water-soluble vitamins easily get through your bloodstream and go to your organs, which in turn take what is needed to function properly.

Tell us about the process of how they are administered.
All our VitaDrips are administered intravenously but some do come with Intra-Muscular(IM) injections.

How is an infusion different from taking supplements?
The key benefit to intravenous administration over using supplements or creams is that your body can only absorb between 0-10 percent of what is contained in pills or creams. The rest is simply wasted. With intravenous infusions, absorption is 100 percent, this is because the drip goes directly to your bloodstream. In addition, these nutrients, vitamins and amino acids can be safely delivered in high doses because they bypass your gastrointestinal system. Often stomach aches and unnecessary problems are caused when delivering essential substances, such as vitamin C, to your body orally.

Why did you decide to set up The Elixir Clinic and why London?
Both of us, Acaena and I, are experienced practitioners and have been practicing in Harley Street in London for the past 3-4 years which is where we first met. Vitamin Infusions have been on the market for over 30 years — they first started in the States in the 1970s. There are different types of clinics across Europe, including a large one in Austria and also Spain which offer the treatment as a method of detox.
Our mentality and what we wanted to deliver to our clients is the same type of detox which includes these immune boosting and wellbeing infusions.
You can find lots of medications and drugs on the market to treat every kind of disease and we are trying to avoid this and use only vitamins and minerals to get the best kind of results possible. We try to keep our treatments as natural as possible. After working on consultations we began to see the benefits of the treatment, which include better quality of life, immunity and energy. Thus, this has been the reason why we decided to create The Elixir Clinic.

Do you service clients in other GCC countries?
We are currently operating in London and the UAE.

How often do you need an infusion and when do you start seeing/feeling actual results?
It really depends on what you want to achieve. We always have one to one consultations with our clients before they have the infusion. We go through all of their medical history and they tell us their main concerns and needs and what they want to improve. Depending on their needs we then advise them one thing or another, so the frequency of treatments for each person is completely different. Our IM boosters take just seconds while the IV VitaDrips take 30–60 minutes. Many patients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy, which then continue over the following hours and days. For visible results we always advise our patients to have an average of six infusions first and then they can come in whenever they need a boost.

Do you think beauty treatments now are more focused on enhancing beauty from within?
I strongly believe that along the years there has been an important change regarding the beauty methods used. In the last couple of years, people have turned their attention to different methods of beauty. I find that they focus more on beauty from within. For example, more and more people have become aware that wellness starts from within and the two things that humans put in their body regularly is food and water.
We now understand that the quality of nutrients as well as the amount of nutrients our body gets is related to our health, fitness, skin and how well we function or indeed ward off illnesses.

What are your future plans for The Elixir Clinic?
We would certainly like to grow and be in countries and areas where we feel people can benefit from our services. Watch this space as we may be in a country near you soon.

What is your client base like?
We have an extensive range of clientele, there are sportsmen trying to boost their energy levels and repair the tissues as well as healthy women who just want to keep fit and ward of any illness while making sure their skin stays fresh with a glow. We also have health conscious men who are incredibly fit but also understand that a vitamin boost can keep their bodies function better.

Which celebrities are your regular customers?
In both London and the UAE, we have high profile clients who come and see us weekly or monthly for a boost. In addition to all the celebrities you see on our social media feeds, there are high profile royals whose names we can’t reveal to respect their privacy.

Tell us about your home service? How does that work?
At Elixir, we understand the need for some clients to have the Vita Drip in the comfort of their own homes or offices. Therefore, we offer home service visits in Dubai only with an extra charge and we come fully prepared with our medical equipment and the custom-made Vitamin Infusion.

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