Dr. Badran Al-Honaihen

Dr. Badran Al-Honaihen is associate director of historical research and studies at the Diriyah Gate Development Authority.

Twitter: @balhonaihen

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Diriyah’s redevelopment recalls a time of unparalleled prosperity in First Saudi State

“Nejnaj” is an Arabic word that means to move something and turn it over. If used to express an opinion, it means an unwavering persistence leading to persuasion.

February 21, 2023

Ghasiba — a story six centuries in the telling

I believe that this is the most beautiful way tostart my article, by using this statement describing the ruins of Ghasiba, which was transmitted by the elderly Abdulaziz Al-Daghaither, who specialized in the history of Ghasiba.

February 21, 2022