Gasem Al-Maimani, deputy governor at the Saudi General Authority for Military Industries

Gasem Al-Maimani
Updated 13 November 2019

Gasem Al-Maimani, deputy governor at the Saudi General Authority for Military Industries

Gasem Al-Maimani has been the deputy governor for industry development at the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) since July 2019.

Al-Maimani gained a bachelor’s degree with honors in mechanical engineering from Dhahran’s King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in 1989.

After his graduation, he joined Yanbu Petrochemical Co. where he worked for four years as a project manager. In April 1993, he was promoted to a packaging superintendent and continued in the role until January 2000, when he was appointed as acting manager of the company’s polymers reaction unit.

Four years later, he moved to Riyadh to join Saudi diversified manufacturing company SABIC as general manager of its polymers strategic business unit. Al-Maimani, who has held various top managerial positions, remained in his post for nearly eight years before becoming vice president for the Saudi National Industrial Cluster Development Program, a government-initiated scheme aimed at developing and supporting new industries.

In February 2012, Al-Maimani was selected as the Kingdom’s deputy minister of commerce and investment. After 16 months, he moved to the Qatrana Cement Co. and was its chairman for nearly five years.

In 2018, he became CEO of Taiba Investments, and was then appointed as GAMI’s deputy governor.

Recently, GAMI confirmed that the Kingdom would increase its support for scientific research from its military budget to 4 percent over the next 10 years. Al-Maimani said that there were currently 30 military factories in Saudi Arabia, but he predicted that the number would increase over the next decade with 50 percent of the country’s military industries becoming nationalized.

Saudi autistic youth treated to a day at Formula E races

Updated 06 December 2019

Saudi autistic youth treated to a day at Formula E races

  • Motorsport show offers joyful experience to youngsters

RIYADH: A group of Saudi autistic youths were treated to a day at the races as part of an initiative to raise awareness of the developmental disorder.

Accompanied by Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Farhan Al-Saud, chairman of the Charitable Society of Autism Families (SAF), the young people enjoyed watching the Formula E motorsport event.

The outing was organized by the Saudi General Sports Authority (GSA), the SAF, the Formula E team, and volunteers as part of Diriyah Season.

“We wanted to utilize Formula E to give the autistic youth a chance to enjoy it as normal people, especially that the racing cars used in Formula E are noiseless, which is perfect for people with autism,” Prince Saud said.

“We believe that people on the autism spectrum are an important segment of society and should receive appreciation, attention and care. These events bring opportunities to raise awareness about their needs in society.”

For many of the youth it was their first experience of electric car racing.

“We are grateful to Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki (Al-Faisal, GSA chairman) and the GSA for giving us a special opportunity to engage the autistic youth in such an important event, and we are equally thankful to the Formula E leadership and their team who gave us unlimited support to ensure a joyful experience for our youth,” the prince added.

Earlier this week, on the sidelines of the Diriyah Formula E, Prince Saud and Formula E chairman, Alejandro Agag, signed an agreement to build a strategic partnership between the SAF and Formula E.

“We are happy to have a positive role in Saudi society through the agreement we have signed with the SAF. As well as being a world-class sport organization, we also have our social responsibility programs that we wish to implement in Saudi Arabia,” Agag said.

The SAF and Formula E hope the strategic cooperation accord will increase opportunities to expand the role of the motorsport in terms of inclusion and reaching all segments of the Saudi population.

The SAF has been supporting people with autism and their families for more than 11 years. Prince Saud was appointed as chairman of the board in May 2019, and since then has been working on several innovative projects to develop the SAF on multiple fronts.