Dr. Ghassan Melebary

Dr. Ghassan Melebary
Dr. Melebary is a senior media resident. (Supplied)
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Updated 23 September 2020

Dr. Ghassan Melebary

Dr. Ghassan Melebary
  • Senior medical resident
  • King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jeddah

On what it has been like working the frontlines during COVID-19:

The coronavirus is a global crisis. Many people are scared to visit hospitals because they fear they might get infected. Some people experience brain aneurysms and heart attacks or have other chronic illnesses that need to be monitored and they are afraid of entering hospitals because of the virus. Not following up will unfortunately affect them more. What I want people to know is that no matter how many COVID-19 patients we have, we are strictly following precautionary measures and hopefully chances of being infected in hospitals are zero. Those that need medical-follow ups should not be scared of entering hospitals.

The first thing I did when the pandemic took place, I completely isolated myself from my family. I let my wife stay at her family’s house during this period. No visits at all, just phone calls and video chats. It was a very difficult experience, being alone at home. When you’re not around the closest people to you to comfort you. Our line of work is very stressful to begin with, let alone handling COVID-19 cases on top of your original work, and not finding anyone at home to talk to and vent.

On a positive note, new recorded cases in the Kingdom are decreasing day by day, and public places are applying all necessary precautions. People are very aware and taking all necessary steps to protect themselves. Allah willing, this period will pass.

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