Twitter Poll: Shockingly, most Arab News readers in favor of Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Cleopatra

Israeli actress Gal Gadot previously played the role of Wonder Woman. (File/AFP)
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Updated 15 October 2020

Twitter Poll: Shockingly, most Arab News readers in favor of Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Cleopatra

  • More than 70% say yes she is appropriate for the role or will decide once the film is shown
  • British actress Elizabeth Taylor previously played the role of Cleopatra in the 1963 blockbuster

DUBAI: An overwhelming majority of respondents to an Arab News Twitter poll said they believed the Israeli actress, Gal Godot, was suitable for the role of Cleopatra in the upcoming new film of the same name by director Patty Jenkins.

Announced earlier this week, the decision was initially met with some level of disdain, with people saying the decision to cast the Wonder Woman actress as the legendary Egyptian queen was “just another stroke in the long history of white-washing.”

But 60.9 percent of respondents to the Arab News poll, asking readers if they felt her casting for the role was appropriate said it was – a further 12 percent said they would decide once the movie was finished, while 27.1 percent said she was not.



 “Yes. She is Mediterranean just like Cleopatra's Greek ancestors,” tweeted @Scripteladora.



And @EinatWilf added: “Seems to me @GalGadot  comes from the perfect geographical/ethnic background to play #Cleopatra...”



The Israeli actress is not the first to play a character from country different to their own – the British actress Elizabeth Taylor famously played the role of Cleopatra opposite her one-time husband Richard Burton in the 1963 movie of the same name.

“Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra in the 1963 movie She was JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!” tweeted   @herbyg72



And @TeddysMom8 said: “If Omar Sharif could play Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl beauty Gal Gadot can play Cleopatra.”



Meanwhile @Monahassan1111 questioned the timing of the announcement, which coincided with the signing of the Abraham Accords.

“It is not a coincidence that actor Gal Gadot  would represent Cleopatra and that coincided with the peace processes in the Middle East ..!Any way Art maybe success to achieve peace with ppl and create Dialogue language between ppl instead limited with Diplomatic room!”



Black leopard mauls man who paid to have pictures taken

Updated 30 October 2020

Black leopard mauls man who paid to have pictures taken

DAVIE, Florida: A man was mauled by a captive black leopard in a backyard zoo in South Florida, wildlife officials said.
The man paid $150 for a “full contact experience” with the black leopard, which allowed him to play with it and take pictures, WPLG reported.
A report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the incident happened Aug. 31 in Davie, which is near Fort Lauderdale.
The agency charged the owner with allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal and was cited for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition.
The owner runs a licensed animal sanctuary for rare and endangered animals at the home, WPLG reported.
The man was attacked as soon as he entered the leopard’s enclosure. The injuries were so severe that his scalp was “hanging from his head and his right ear was torn in half,” the report said.
He required multiple surgeries, according to the TV station.