Saudi Green Initiative forum

Live Saudi Green Initiative forum
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Updated 23 October 2021

Saudi Green Initiative forum

Saudi Green Initiative forum

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opened the Saudi Green Initiative forum in Riyadh place on Saturday, announcing the Kingdom’s new “green” objectives.

The forum will discuss Saudi Arabia's environmental efforts with guests that include high-profile government leaders and international personalities.

"We announce in this Forum the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's roadmap for protecting the environment and confronting climate change. This annual forum will serve as a platform to launch our new environmental initiatives and monitor the impact of the previously announced ones," the Crown Prince said. 

"I am pleased to launch initiatives in the energy sector that will reduce carbon emissions by (278) million tons annually by 2030, thus voluntarily more than doubling the target announced, estimated at (130) million tons annually," he added.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also announced the Kingdom's accession to the Global Methane Pledge, "which aims to reduce methane emissions globally by 30 percent."

The Crown Prince also announced Saudi Arabia’s intention to join the Global Oceans Alliance, the Alliance to Eliminate Plastic Waste in Oceans and Beaches, the Sports for Climate Action Agreement, and to establish a global center for Sustainable Tourism, and a Non-Profit foundation to explore the seas and oceans.

"I look forward to the Middle East Green Initiative Summit, which we will host the day after tomorrow, with the aim of synergizing and coordinating efforts among the countries of the region to develop the plans necessary to reach the Middle East Green Initiative target," he concluded. 

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Tony Chan, president of KAUST, calls for more partnerships, and collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve environmental objectives.

 "We are working closely with NEOM to build one of its largest gardens," he said. 

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Saudi Arabia has a big opportunity to be leader in the future of the ocean, said World OceanCouncil CEO Paul Holthus, adding that Aramco is one of the biggest ocean-related companies in world.

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Prince Charles says we have already seen great progress, which the Saudi and Middle East green initiatives will accelerate.

"We now have dangerously narrow window of opportunity to accelerate climate change action," Prince Charles said.

11:20 a.m. KSA 

Saudi environment minister says the Kingdom will use 50 million hectares for planting the 10 billion trees target under the Saudi Green Initiative.



The Crown Prince increased the percentage of protected land from 16 percent to 20 percent under the Saudi Green Initiative, the enviroment minister said. 

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The UAE's Sultan Al-Jaber says the world is entering an oil supply crunch.


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Executive secretary of UNFCCC says Kingdom targets are very powerful figures ahead of COP26.

 "It sends very powerful signal at the right moment," Patricia Espinosa said. 

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Saudi energy minister says the Kingdom’s youth will play a big role in the Saudi Green Initiative.

 "They are determined to make their own future," he told the forum.