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02 January 2022
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Updated 02 January 2022

There is a difference!

The accelerated pace of life has made us race against time to accomplish as many tasks as possible. Meanwhile, we may forget the real purpose behind those tasks, and in today’s fast-paced world, we may also fail in carrying out our tasks in an optimal manner.
Despite this accelerated pace of life, some people manage to balance personal and professional life. However, some people pursue a different level of balance based on a set of values and principles, which serve as a compass in guiding them to the right path. They can read between the lines and understand the intention behind every behavior or situation in life.
Values are not just words or slogans we repeat every now and then, as when we hear someone saying, “Our values never allow … Our morals and dignity never allow…” while their actions contradict their words. Our values are our lives. The foremost value to uphold is to preserve all souls as if they were your soul, to love everything as if it were a part of you, and to be influenced by all creatures. Values are to spread mercy all the time, and to realize that you are a spirit, and that your breath is a breath of life.
Our values and principles guide our performance at work and in our personal life. When an employee seeks only to take up a senior position, their actions will clearly show this intention, and when they are working just to receive a salary by the end of every month, their performance will show it. However, when someone works hard for the pride of their nation, everybody will appreciate their efforts and sincerity, and they will set an example with their values and dedication to work. Entrepreneurs have other goals, including investing and increasing profits, which we see in their performance.
Think about these examples and the energy, spirit, and value in each one; then you’ll realize the difference.

Our values and principles guide our performance at work and in our personal life.

Asma Al-Janahi

There is a difference between a real leader and a leader by title. There is a difference between guidance and bullying. There is a difference between sincerity at work and pushing to finish work. There is a difference between authentic and temperamental management. There is a difference between work dedication and selfishness at work. There is a difference between engagement and affectation. There is a difference between respecting the boss and eagerness to please the boss. There is a difference between quantity and quality, between price and value, and between seeking the benefit of work and one’s personal interest. There is a difference between personal opinion or taste and business policy, and between right and wrong. Please, never confuse them!
Your personal values affect your performance at work. Likewise, your professional values affect your performance in your life. It is crucial to be aware of what your values and principles are, and know how they affect your everyday behavior.
People can only notice our values when they see our actions. Therefore, everyone is responsible for upholding, preserving and improving their own values at all times. If someone fails to preserve their values, they will tend to have negative feelings, like envy, hatred and distrust, which affects one’s self-respect and inner values.
We can carry out all our daily tasks calmly. Haste will not help us finish earlier, nor will anxiety prove our dedication at work. On the contrary, this will have a negative impact on our mood, health, and cooperation with others. Moreover, our work will carry negative energy and will not give optimal results. We need to calm down and create a better environment for us to reveal our extraordinary energy and creativity, which makes us more influential.
Throughout my career and through my professional and personal experiences with colleagues and other people from government and private sectors, I found that empathy creates an environment of mercy and peace. I gained energy through interacting with others based on the principles of humanity, which increased my determination to achieve more and more. My own principles and values at work also include credibility, transparency, trust, accuracy, and dedication. All this had the greatest impact in bringing about a radical change in my career journey, and this is what I would like to share with you.
Let us all think about our awareness of values in life and their impact on our behavior. Let us work to define our values and reconsider our principles, as they have the greatest influence on our behavior and our lives, and thus, raise our children. When you recall the value of sympathy, you will be more understanding of the circumstances of the people around you and more able to embrace their feelings. Similarly, the value of credibility makes you honest in every work you do. The value of sincerity gives you a feeling of satisfaction with the outputs of your work.
Let’s be aware that always, there is a difference!

• Asma Al-Janahi is a UAE national with over 10 years of experience in management in government excellence and sport sectors. She writes about management and social life.