Riyadh Season’s ‘Wall of Fame’ shows off celebrity handprints 

Riyadh Season’s ‘Wall of Fame’ shows off celebrity handprints 
Visitors flock to see the ‘Wall of Fame’ at Riyadh Season that has hand impressions of their regional and international favorite celebrities. (AN photo by Rashid Hassan)
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Updated 18 February 2022

Riyadh Season’s ‘Wall of Fame’ shows off celebrity handprints 

Riyadh Season’s ‘Wall of Fame’ shows off celebrity handprints 
  • Bollywood actor Salman Khan, Syrian singer Assala Nasri among the stars featured

RIYADH: The handprints of regional and international stars featured in a “Wall of Fame” at Riyadh Season have been attracting visitors who want to get closer to their favorite celebrities and personalities.  

Everyone who performs at Riyadh Season is given the chance to leave a handprint in a tray of cement, with the end product displayed for all to see. The Wall of Fame is a take on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, which is an internationally recognized landmark and has more than 2,700 stars honoring the biggest names in the entertainment industry. 

The Wall of Fame bears the handprints of major celebrities such as Bollywood actor Salman Khan, Syrian singer Assala Nasri, Egyptian comedy actors Mohamed Henedy and Bayoumi Fouad, Kuwaiti actor Hassan Al-Balam, Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Lebanese artist Elissa, and Morocco’s Cheb Khaled.

Saudi singer Abdulmajeed Abdullah adds his hand impression to the ‘Wall of Fame’ at Riyadh Season. (Supplied)

Ayman Al-Hadi thought the idea was “brilliant” because people would visit the Wall of Fame to take a picture with their favorite celebrities and feel close to them.

“I am expecting the Saudi singer Rashed Al-Majid to have his print soon because he is having a concert soon and I am excited to see it,” he told Arab News.

Another visitor, Ahmed Mohammed, said: “I am a fan of comedy icon Tariq Al-Ali. He is a source of happiness, he puts a smile on everybody’s face in the Gulf region, and I came to see and take a photo of my favorite celebrity’s handprint over here. It is a great idea to collect handprints of celebrities, and provide a memorable moment to fans visiting the beautiful landmark.”

Faisal Mohammed Yousuf said he was happy to see the handprints of so many celebrities put together on the Wall of Fame. “There is a Hollywood Walk of Fame in the US, but now we have it here, I am happy that I can see it here. It’s a good place to visit.”

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan's handprint at The Wall of Fame

Hennan Mohammed described herself as a “big fan” of Khan and that she had visited Riyadh Season to see his handprint on the Wall of Fame. “I will be happier to see him in person. I have seen all his movies. What signifies more here at the Wall of Fame is that it brings celebrities of a lot of nationalities together with their handprints on one wall, which is a unique idea.”

Ibrahim Al-Haiti said he had admired Nasri for a long time and that he was a big fan of hers. “I listen to her a lot. I want to meet her, so the closest thing to meeting her is the handprint here. I am happy to be here and take pictures. I like the idea of the Wall of Fame bringing celebrities from different nationalities together. It signifies the presence of these stars shining here with their handprint, and of their presence as they came here.”