Italy pledges to help Lebanon protect cultural heritage

Italy pledges to help Lebanon protect cultural heritage
People attend the reopening ceremony of Lebanon’s National Library in Beirut on Feb. 10, 2022, upon completion of restoration work in the aftermath of the summer 2020 port explosion. (AFP)
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Updated 04 March 2022

Italy pledges to help Lebanon protect cultural heritage

Italy pledges to help Lebanon protect cultural heritage
  • Exchanges being organized between architects, restorers from both countries
  • Lebanese delegation will attend 27th International Restoration Fair in Italy

ROME: Italy has pledged to help Lebanon protect its cultural heritage by training local restorers.

“Italy is organizing a series of initiatives in Lebanon to encourage exchanges between Lebanese and Italian architects and restorers,” Ambassador Nicoletta Bombardiere said at a presentation in Beirut of the 27th International Restoration Fair, which will be held in the Italian city of Ferrara on June 8-10.

The presentation was also attended by Claudio Pasqualucci, representative of Assorestauro, the Italian association of restorers.

Bombardiere said: “Assorestauro’s engagement in Lebanon, and in supporting the presence of Lebanese restorers at the Ferrara exhibition, are testament to Italy’s commitment to support, protect and promote the highly prized Lebanese cultural heritage, also with direct involvement from the private sector.”

At the fair in Ferrara, delegates from various countries, including Lebanon, will visit the main Italian restoration sites in person.

International restorers and architects will have the opportunity there to deepen their knowledge of Italian restoration in dedicated meetings with exhibiting companies.

“Also with this international exhibition, we intend to encourage the development of synergies between Italian and Lebanese companies in the arts restoration sector by promoting know-how sharing, the development of new products and processes, and the sharing … of the most advanced technologies,” Bombardiere said.

Cooperation between Italy and Lebanon in the field of artwork restoration is already “particularly intense,” said Pasqualucci.

He cited as the latest example “the significant contribution of Rockland,” a Lebanese industrial group that financed the restoration of the Ardea Purpurea fountain created by Italian artist Marco Bravura in Beirut’s Verdun district.