Updated 12 March 2022
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6 galleries to visit at Art Dubai

6 galleries to visit at Art Dubai

From international to regional exhibitions, here are six galleries to visit at Art Dubai, one of the Middle East’s leading international fairs, that runs until March 13.

  • Mono Gallery

    A contemporary art gallery based in Riyadh which features a diverse group of established and emerging artists.

  • Mark Hachem

    Mark Hachem opened his first gallery in 1996 in Paris. Now, with exhibits in Beirut and New York, he offers innovative contemporary artworks by artists from around the world.

  • Loft Art Gallery

    Located in a trendy district in Casablanca, a step inside Loft Art Gallery is akin to visiting a white cube art space in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Its founders shine a light on some of Morocco’s leading artists.

  • Tonia Nneji

    The Nigerian artist will present some of her work, which discusses superstition, women empowerment and trauma, as part of the Bawwaba Gallery curated by Nancy Adajania.

  • Hafez Gallery

    Situated in Jeddah, the art gallery, which was founded in 2014, serves as a space to nurture the discovery of a Saudi visual identity and participate in international art dialogue.

  • Sfeir-Semler Gallery

    This gallery, in Hamburg and Beirut, concentrates on international contemporary art with an emphasis on conceptual and minimal art. It is part of Art Dubai’s Modern section.