Top Arab nation brands (according to Global Soft Power Index)


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Updated 18 March 2022



Global rank 2022: 15

Global rank 2021: 17

The UAE earned a global rank of 15 in this year’s Brand Finance Global Soft Power Index, claiming the highest position for any nation brand in the Middle East and North Africa. 

EXPO 2020 exhibitions, which were labeled as the epitome of soft power, have been used to cement the UAE’s role as a global soft power and as a tool to connect nations and build bridges through innovation and inspiration. 

The UAE has performed best on the Business & Trade pillar, counting among the global top 10. Its best metric overall is “easy to do business in and with,” where it comes fourth, followed by “strong and stable economy” where it ranks eighth. 

The UAE also emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic strongly, with its trade and investment accomplishments underscored by the success of the EXPO 2020 exhibition in Dubai.