Top 6 MidEast media leaders of 2021 (As per MediaQuest’s Communicate Magazine)

Jomana Al-Rashed

Jomana Al-Rashed
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Updated 28 April 2022

Jomana Al-Rashed

Jomana Al-Rashed

Position: CEO, Saudi Research and Media Group

Nationality: Saudi

Location: Saudi Arabia

Jomana Al-Rashed is the first Saudi Arabian woman to be appointed CEO of the Saudi Research and Media Group, a Saudi-based integrated publishing company that owns 43 titles and 25 websites, including Arab News and Asharq Al-Awsat, reaching a combined monthly audience of 165 million.

After completing her education in London, she worked as the London correspondent of Al Riyadh newspaper before being posted as a senior aide and adviser for media relations to the Saudi ambassador to the UK.

Al-Rashed then moved back to the Kingdom to work in a media advisory capacity, assisting the private and public sectors in Riyadh. Since her appointment as board member and CEO of SRMG in 2020, she has unveiled SRMG’s new branding and transformation strategy, launched the first Arabic-language manga magazine and acquired a majority stake in the leading Arabic podcast platform Thmanyah.