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25 November 2022
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Updated 25 November 2022

The MBS effect

After the outstanding victory of the Saudi team in the World Cup, my international friends asked in one of our WhatsApp chat groups, “How did you do that?” My instant answer was “It is the MBS Effect”.

Since 2016, Saudi Arabia has started an exciting journey where its milestones revolve around progression and transformation. The country has finally decided to divert its trajectory and drive along the vision that soon became the mantra of every citizen in the Kingdom, “Vision 2030”.

Creating a path and a destination for people to encourage them to work harder and drive growth is valuable, yet the leadership behind this vision and its implementation is what really matters.

When the goals of Vision 2030 were set and announced to the country, many of us were eager yet concerned. Are we ready? Do we know enough? How can we work in a co-ed work environment? Will the change be accepted? What do we do if so, and so happens? And many more.

We, as Saudis, were intrigued to see what is coming next. The joy of living these changes being implemented on a daily basis in our professional and personal lives is priceless.

The ambition, optimism, and hope we feel traveling across the Kingdom has never felt so energizing. We always had dreams, but today we see dreams coming true. We see the possibility of making it happen.

Saudi Arabia knows nothing is impossible, and this was portrayed to the globe in the world cup when our national team won over the expected champion and the #1 player worldwide.

We are blessed with a visionary leader who believes in his people.

The team played their best out of love, not fear. In his motivational speech to the team before they left for Qatar, His Royal Highness directed them to enjoy the game. The team outperformed all expectations and made history.

Conscious leaders inspire their followers to achieve willingly, happily, and confidently. Our leader’s influence is contagious and is spreading across all sectors. Miracles do not occur by luck, they are shaped by persistence and resilience. The unlimited support and guidance by our leadership is unleashing people’s capacities enabling them to leap into the future.

The 2-1 defeat of Argentina was a gift to the world to witness the “MBS Effect”, which we experience every day in our beloved Kingdom.

Nora Al-Jindi is a passionate educator with more than 15 years of experience at the intersection of business and academia. She is the Director of the Marketing Program at Dar Al-Hekma University.