quotes International camel festival encourages Saudis to embrace their heritage

13 December 2022
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Updated 13 December 2022

International camel festival encourages Saudis to embrace their heritage

Camels represent an essential element in the legacy of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, especially the Arabian Peninsula.

And this year’s seventh edition of the international camel festival, held in Riyadh, will also play a significant role in the Kingdom’s economic well-being by attracting many fans of the animal, along with owners and competitors.

Camels have an association with Saudis as far back as recorded time. From providing food and labor to shelter and entertainment, they have been linked to the country’s life for centuries.

The animals are a positive influence. People who live in the desert can feel their tolerance, strength and love. They also play a huge part in sporting events.

This year’s six-week festival, which is organized by the Saudi Camel Club, will see thousands of animals taking part in competitions worth SR100 million ($26 million).

The vast financial commitment of the industry is in line with the aims of Saudi Vision 2030, which bids to project the country’s rich heritage locally, regionally, and globally, while making it sustainable.

Reflecting the Kingdom’s rich history, the festival encourages enthusiasts to play their part in helping to magnify the culture of the country hosting the event.

Noor A. Al-Naboud is a writer, marketing and external communication and insurance expert.