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Wed, 2011-06-29 10:38

An annual congregation of society’s elite, including members of the Middle Eastern royal families, international dignitaries and other prominent figures from both the business and philanthropic domains, the event is held every June at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, England. But, this year, it wasn’t just the bankers and socialites who were dressed to impress. The Polo players themselves got a luxurious makeover, thanks to the French fashion brand, Vicomte A., which was the official supplier of the royal sport affair.
And it was a good thing too because these well-dressed sportsmen played in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Vicomte A. provided the men's polo shirts for both the Guards Polo Club and the GCC polo team, the Best Playing Pony blanket, as well as souvenir gifts to the polo players and VVIP guests — the brand is so elitist, even the plain VIPs weren’t worthy enough!
"Equestrian sporting lifestyle is the very fabric of Vicomte A.,” stated Arthur de Soultrait, Designer and Founder of Vicomte A., who was born into a family of aristocrats and horse breeders and grew up attending races and Polo Clubs. “As a brand, we have a pedigree and history of supporting key Polo sponsorships across Europe and the U.S.,” added de Soultrait, referring to Vicomte A. sponsorships of polo clubs and other various sport events, such as show-jumping, automobile racing and sailing.
“This year we are especially happy to be a part of the charitable GCC Polo Cup that was established to enhance the cultural, social and sporting links between Eastern and Western nations, while raising funds for charities worldwide,” stated de Soultrait whose brand is sold in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan through select multi-brand boutiques. 
In 2005, Vicomte A. began as a line of 100 percent silk ties. Shortly after, de Soultrait introduced belts and daring polo shirts, appealing to the young businessmen of Europe who share an affinity for bold luxury and a passion for sports. The polo and sweatshirts quickly became distinguishable for their bright and daring colors — with the brand’s fuchsia remaining as a recurrent accent. The impeccable finishing manifested in matching colored lining and seams has also become a signature of the brand.
As one would expect from a high-end label, quality is always a priority with Vicomte A., whose brand image is both smart and classical. Its polo shirts are produced with only the highest-grade fabrics, such as premium-handpicked pima cotton from Peru and Egypt. 
Today, Vicomte A. produces a complete look for its wearer, from casual sportswear (including shirts, sweaters, driving shoes, smart house slippers and 48-hour travel bags) to hunting attire, a line for polo teams and women’s and children’s ready-to-wear collection — making Vicomte A. a favorite for all sexes and ages. Amongst the brands loyal clientele are French Prime Minister François Fillon, television frontmen Bernard de la Villardière and Stephen Bern and the Minister of Economy, Christine Lagarde.
A new name to add among the Ralph Lauren Purple Labels and La Martinas labels of the fashion world, Vicomte A. stands apart in its adventurous design philosophy and sophisticated simplicity. Whether brunching in the Hamptons, skiing in Gstaad, or sailing in a regatta along the Côte d’Azur, the appropriate atttire is always class and style—fortunately for us,  Vicomte A. does both! 

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