Arab News Travel Contest

Arab News Travel Contest
Updated 21 October 2015

Arab News Travel Contest

Arab News Travel Contest

The Travel Contest is a month-long challenge that will give three lucky winners a pair of plane tickets each to any destination* in the world, in association with Oman Air.



Muzzammil Iqbal Siddiqui, Riyadh
Edres Sacurat, Al-Khobar
Sheiril S. Sanchez, Riyadh
Mohammed Kashif Anwar, Jeddah
Mohammad Ghulam, Riyadh
Mateen siddiqui


Each day Arab News will place a code in an article on the front page of the Arab News website. 

1. Find the code. See the example at the end of this page. The code will mostly be the name of different city each day.

We have decided to give you the first couple of codes (and the last) to help you along your way:

2. Record the code and the link of the story it appears in. Keep finding new codes each day until the end of the competition. 

3. This competition is now over, keep checking back on this page where you will be instructed on how to send your answers to us.

4. Confirm that you are a resident of Saudi Arabia


1. The contest started on 24 May, 2015 and will run for 31 days (ends 24 June 2015)

2. Participants need to find codes that we will published daily on the website. Participants are required to keep these codes in the correct order as well as the headlines of the stories they appear in. These will be sent in at the end of the competition to Arab News.

3. Participants should live in Saudi Arabia and have a valid residency permit.

4. Each of the three winners will get two tickets.

5. The winner will be given only the ticket, any other airport fees and taxes will not be included with the prize and will be borne by the winner.

6. Each participant is allowed only one entry.

7. A winner will be selected at random from all the correct entries. Arab News will contact the winner to check if conditions were fulfilled. If the winner doesn’t satisfy the conditions of the competition then a new winner will be selected.

8. The prize is not transferable to an Iqama holder other than that of the entrant.

9. The winner will not be given any cash.

10. Oman Air terms and conditions apply.

11. The competition is not open to employees of SRMG & their families.

12. Arab News reserves the right to reject any entry.


For those wanting to take part in this contest please note that for the next 30 days we will be hiding codes in articles that appear on the front page of the Arab News website. You have to keep these codes and the links of the articles they appear in. At the end of the 30 days you will be told how to send these codes to us along with your details to be entered in to a draw to win 2 plane tickets to any destination on Oman Air's network. There will be 3 winners each receiving 2 tickets. See the image below to understand how the codes may look like inside an article. The code will mostly be the name of a city.

*Any destination on Oman Air online network.