Things to do while in Zurich

Things to do while in Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland. (Shutterstock)
Updated 25 August 2018

Things to do while in Zurich

Things to do while in Zurich

To escape the Gulf summer, you might want to consider a trip to Zurich in cool, mountainous Switzerland. It’s just a short flight from the Middle East and there are always deals, but beyond bankers and fresh water, what does this lakeside city offer the weekend visitor? Arab News went to find out.

Walk the old town

Start your weekend with a stroll through the city’s pedestrian-only district of Niederdorf. Lined with bars and restaurants, Niederdorfstrasse – the cobbled street that winds through the neighborhood – is the most characterful street in the city. It is an ideal place to unwind after a long flight.

Eat Swiss-German food

Let’s be honest, Swiss-German food is not the finest cuisine in Europe, but in Zurich it’s more about where you eat, rather than what you eat. And for that, there’s nowhere finer than the Zeughauskeller, a Swiss-German restaurant with a six-foot cannon over the main door.

Picnic at Lake Zurich

Zurich is blessed with its star attraction, Lake Zurich, and Zürichhorn Park on the banks of the lake is the finest spot in which to relax and picnic. Swimming is permitted, but be prepared for rather chilly waters: Unless you’re feeling particularly brave, staying dry might be a better option.

Visit a quirky museum

Zurich is liberal yet conservative. That doesn’t mean it lacks those quirks you find in every city. In the Moulagenmuseum, you can see wax models of diseases and injuries that were previously used by health professionals. But if this too much, then try the Pegasus Small World toy museum, which boasts 700 Steiff teddy bears.

Ride the cable car

Switzerland is well known for its Alps and hilly landscapes. So why not venture up one? There’s no need to dig out the hiking boots, because you can enjoy the grace of a cable car effortlessly climbing the Felsenegg and enjoy the views from above the city.

Drink from a fountain

It’s important to keep hydrated – we all know that. But in Zurich you can do it in style, with 1,200 individually unique and ornate water fountains that provide drinkable water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not just good for an Instagram photo: You’ll also save money on bottled water.