Start-up of the Week: MagiCup aims to become a global online store

Updated 19 September 2018

Start-up of the Week: MagiCup aims to become a global online store

People usually start their days with a cup of coffee or tea — and they would certainly enjoy their hot beverage more from a creatively designed cup.
MagiCup is a mug-designing Instagram store. It offers cups with various designs, colors and sizes, magic cups that change color with heat, and travel mugs.
It was established in May 2018. Customers can customize their own cups with their desired designs.
The co-owner of the store, Futoon Saif, explained the inspiration behind creating the store from her background in interior design.
“When I was a student in the interior design field, I realized how good designs have an affect on our lives; they affect everything around us, even the small products we use daily like mugs.
“Me and my partner Majed started MagiCup because we know how lovely it is for people to start their morning with their favorite cup that is designed.”
She said that mugs will always sell no matter what. “We choose to design cups because these are the things that are never going to be replaced by technology, and people for sure won’t stop using cups, so we want to keep on making wonderful designs for people to start their days with.”
Designing mugs is quite a process.
“In the beginning, we start by deciding which kind of mug we are going to use, the normal sized or small sized one, or the travel mug. After that, we start making the design that is going to be printed on the mug, and when we finish the design we create a mock-up for it to make sure it’s going to look good. The last step is that we print the design on a custom paper and print it on the mug itself.”
MagiCup wants to expand its reach and become a global online store.
“We will not open a physical store, but our store is going to be an online store that will serve you much better than a physical one. It is also an advantage that we make our store come to you rather than you come to it.”
She explained the connection the designs on the cups have with their owners. “I learned that designing is storytelling and I just want to make our clients day happy by designing their stories on their lovely cups.”
Saif said that MagiCup strives to achieve customer satisfaction.
“We take our customer’s idea and add our own twist to it. Even if it was a ready-made picture or design, we adjust it, consult and follow up with the customer,” she said.

Where We Are Going Today: Zaitunay Bay

Updated 14 December 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Zaitunay Bay

  • Zaitunay Bay serves up a surprise for shisha lovers

This Lebanese restaurant and cafe is currently stealing my favorite spot in Jeddah to chill and hang out with friends, while enjoying delicious food.

Located across Tahliya’s walkway, next to Wagamama, the eatery’s food was cooked to perfection, from appetizers such as batata harra (spicy potatoes) and cheese manaqeesh, to main courses including grilled lamb chops.

The ambience was cozy and friendly, with the music playing in the background bringing about a sense of nostalgia. Arabic songs from the beginning of the decade, including tunes by Egyptian singer Amr Diab and Lebanese songstress Elissa, had my party instinctively singing along.

The decor was colorful, with comfortable couches and fluffy pillows, and some seats were even occupied by adorable gigantic teddy bears.

Zaitunay Bay also serves up a surprise for shisha lovers. 

Upon leaving, visitors are handed a loyalty card offering a free fifth shisha.