Updated 13 August 2019

A sweet Eid

Muslims across the world are celebrating Eid Al-Adha this week with a host of traditional sweet treats. 

  • Graybeh and klaicha

    Palestinians bake a biscuit called graybeh, stuffed with either pine nuts or almonds. In Syria and Lebanon, Eid biscuits are stuffed with dates or walnuts. The same kind are known in Iraq as klaicha.

  • Sevia

    The traditional warm, sweet vermicelli milk known as sevia (pronounced “sev-ay-a”) is popular during Eid in countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Asida

    This jelly dessert is made up of a cooked lump of dough made from wheat flour, often sweetened with honey. It is enjoyed in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sudan and Libya.

  • Laasida

    Moroccans start off their Eid celebrations with this sweet dish. It is similar to rice pudding, but consists of couscous, butter and honey.

  • Baklava

    This crunchy dessert is loved across the Arab world and is made of layers of filo pastry laced with butter and chopped pistachios mixed with other nuts.

  • Barfi

    A dense milk-based sweet, with a name derived from Persian for snow. There are different varieties of this dessert, some of which are with pistachios.