Anwar Hadid wears Arab label Shabab Intl in Ramallah

Anwar Hadid touched down in Ramallah last week. AFP
Updated 10 December 2019

Anwar Hadid wears Arab label Shabab Intl in Ramallah

  • Anwar Hadid is currently in Ramallah championing for the rights of the Palestinian people
  • During his visit, he was pictured wearing a design by homegrown streetwear label, Shabab Intl

DUBAI: Palestinian-Dutch model and musician Anwar Hadid is currently in Ramallah championing for the rights of the Palestinian people.





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During his visit, the 20-year-old met up with Diala Isid, the founder of the Right to Movement, a non-profit running community that aims to highlight the travel restrictions imposed on many Palestinians.  

For the occasion, Hadid, who touched down in the city located in the central West Bank last week, was pictured wearing a design by regional streetwear label, Shabab Intl. He opted for the lifestyle unisex brand’s bowling shirt, created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based label Openism, which he paired with a black t-shirt and navy-colored trousers.

Shabab Intl is helmed by the pseudonymous Chebmoha and his twin sister Zaineb and Chndy who hail from Iraq and Oman, respectively. "Shabab is for the community," shares Zaineb with Arab News.

The Dubai-based designers-slash-photographers have also recently seen their designs on Hadid’s partner, British popstar Dua Lipa, who also opted for the brand’s button-down bowling shirt during a visit to Australia.

It’s not the first time the younger brother of Gigi and Bella visits his father, real estate developer Mohamed Hadid’s homeland. In fact, the face of Valentino’s fragrance launch ventured to Palestine with friends back in April, where he filmed a music video for a song titled “Progression 101” from his debut EP “Bleach.”

"My brothers and I touched the mother land today ... much culture and beauty and people that need to be seen and heard," the catwalk star told his 2.8 million Instagram followers when he arrived in the Arab nation. "Hopefully we can show you guys the deep-rooted details that affect our people every day, even the ones who are too young to understand. I feel like this could give us all good perspectives of our own lives, to see what is truly true and real vs what is told to us to be true," he added.

His father, who was born in Nazareth and forced to flee Palestine with his family when he was just an infant, expressed his pride in Anwar's travels, commenting on photos the model posted on Instagram. "Our home land. Where I was born is Nazareth. Where your grandparents (my mom and dad) were living is a town named Safad," wrote Mohamed, who spent time in refugee camps in Syria as a child. "I love you son."

During the youngest Hadid sibling's visit, he spent time in Jericho and Nazareth during his trip, as well as Deir Yassin.

Nancy Ajram’s husband breaks silence after murder charge 

Fadi El-Hachem’s trial is underway. (Instagram)
Updated 28 January 2020

Nancy Ajram’s husband breaks silence after murder charge 

DUBAI: Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s husband Fadi El-Hachem broke his silence with an Instagram post, after he was charged with the murder of the intruder who broke into their Beirut property on Jan. 5.

The post read: “I love listening to lies when I know the truth.”

Celebrity dentist, El-Hachem, was accused of shooting dead the masked intruder, who broke into their home in the early hours of the morning. The dentist said the assailant was threatening his family — including his three daughters.

El-Hachem’s trial is underway. He met with a judge this week.