Updated 04 February 2020
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Coins of Islam

Coins of Islam

One of the world’s most impressive collections of Arab and Islamic coinage ever assembled, the ‘Coins of Islam: History Revealed’ exhibition, curated by Dr. Alain Baron,  will take place until April 28 at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center.  

  • Byzantine Empire, Leo VI

    A gold coin dating back to AD 886-912 showcasing the Virgin Mary praying on one side and the Byzantine emperor Leo on the other.

  • Ilkhans, Muhammad Khan

    The only coin in the world bearing the names of the Prophet Muhummad and his caliphs on one side and Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus on the other.

  • Umayyad gold dinars

    First minted between AD 696-697, this piece is an early example of a purely Islamic coin, replacing pictorial depictions with Arabic inscriptions taken from the Quran.

  • Great Saljuqs

    This coin depicts falconry a thousand years ago, a hobby that has been practiced by various cultures and civilizations across centuries.

  • Roman Empire

    This set of gold coins was issued by Roman Emperor Hadrian to commemorate his year-long travels through Egypt.

  • Umayyad Caliphate

    Produced during the reign of Abd El-Malik bin Marwan, this coin is of extraordinary rarity as it bears the Islamic expression of faith.