Kuwaiti fashion star Fouz Al-Fahad weds in intimate ceremony

Kuwaiti fashion influencer Fouz Al-Fahad got married in an intimate ceremony on Tuesday. (Instagram)
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Updated 18 March 2020

Kuwaiti fashion star Fouz Al-Fahad weds in intimate ceremony

DUBAI: It’s official, Kuwaiti fashion influencer Fouz Al-Fahad is married. The 29-year-old announced her engagement and marriage to Kuwaiti businessman Abdullatif Ahmed Abdullatif Al-Sarraf on Instagram on Tuesday.

“17.03.2020: The day you made me the happiest woman in the world,” she wrote alongside an image taken during her Katb El-Kitab ceremony (the traditional Islamic section of the wedding festivities) which took place on Tuesday night. The bride chronicled the lavish ceremony with her devoted fans via pictures and videos on her Snapchat account.

For the occasion, she wore a flowy, white, belted Elie Saab jumpsuit that featured caped sleeves and a V-neckline. She adorned the ensemble with $755,400 worth of Cartier jewelry gifted to her by her new husband, paired with her square-cut diamond engagement ring. 

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17.03.2020 The day you made me the happiest woman in the world

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Meanwhile her long, chocolate tresses were left loose and styled in romantic brushed-out waves swept to one side. 

The newlywed opted for glamorous makeup in the form of thick, emphasized eyebrows and a dramatic smokey eye paired with brow-skimming eyelashes. A dusting of russet powder along the hollows of her cheeks gave her a radiant glow and her look was finished with a swipe of nude lipstick.

Al-Fahad’s comment section was flooded with congratulatory messages from friends, including Lebanese blogger Lana El-Sahely who wrote “Alf mabrouk baby girl! So happy for you.”  Iraqi fashion influencer Deema Al-Asadi wrote: “Congratulations beautiful. So happy for you my love.”

While the influencer and her new husband are married under Islamic law, news of an upcoming wedding celebration has yet to be announced, though Al-Fahad revealed that a lot of the couple’s plans were abandoned amid the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe.

“We had a lot of plans prepared that we had to cancel because we have to abide by the country’s laws and, of course, we want everyone’s safety,” she said in a Snapchat video. 

In recent weeks, Kuwait has enforced a string of precautionary measures to contain the spread of the infectious disease, including the banning of mass gatherings.

In compliance with the new rules, the influencer decided to only celebrate with family and her closest friends.

“I really wanted to celebrate this day, which is hopefully going to be the most important day of my life and the first day of my new life with, I’m not going to say my followers, but my family and friends,” she said.

Missing your salon? How to care for your hair while you #StayHome

We speak to a hair expert on the dos and don’ts of at-home hair care. (File/Instagram)
Updated 30 March 2020

Missing your salon? How to care for your hair while you #StayHome

DUBAI: As salon-goers face the closure of spas, salons and barbershops, we speak to Haneen Odeh, founder of UAE’s Snob salon for her take on the dos and don’ts of at-home hair care.

Many men and women who rely on salon visits to keep their lengths healthy could be left wondering what to do between now and their next visit to a professional hair stylist. But just as important is what not to do (read: DIY trim job) to avoid ruining your hair and having to impose your own personal period of self-isolation once the pandemic is over due to a ruined haircut you tried to pull off in the bathroom mirror.

Don’t bleach your own hair
“For those who usually go to the salon to dye their lengths blonde, roots may be starting to show now. And while it might be tempting, I would strongly urge to not bleach your own roots. Lightening dark hair is a very complex multi-step process that requires years of experience and professional grade products only available at salons. Bleaching your hair incorrectly might result in burning and damaging your hair. Instead, opt for a root spray such as the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Concealer Spray. Otherwise, you can always conceal your dark roots with a headband or try wrapping your hair up with a scarf.” 

Do deep conditioning treatments
“Use this time to nourish your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. A lot of people simply apply it in the shower on wet hair for a few minutes and call it a day, but that way means that your lengths aren’t getting the full benefits of the product. Think of hair like a sponge, when it’s wet, it’s already full of water and cannot absorb anything more. So to make sure the product is fully absorbed into your locks, towel dry your hair after shampooing and then apply the treatment. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. You’ll see a huge difference.” May we suggest The Let It Go Circle hair mask from Davines, which is designed to boost hydration and revitalize dry and brittle strands?  

Don’t pick up the scissors
“When you’re bored, it might be tempting to pick up the scissors but, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t trim your own bangs or make any big changes to your hair cut on your own. It will inevitably go wrong and you will end up paying more to get it fixed in the long run. Try out some new hairstyles instead. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube so experiment a little and get your hair professionally cut once it’s safe to do so.”

 Don’t over wash
“The more you wash your strands, the more you strip the scalp of its natural oils, and that in turn makes the scalp produce even more oil, which causes you to wash your hair more often — and the cycle goes on and on. Now is the perfect opportunity to give your lengths a break and cut down on the washing. Your hair might get oily, but once the adjustment period is over, you will notice that it will require less frequent washing.”

Do try scalp treatments
“Too often, we pay attention to the lengths of our hair and give our scalp no attention. But caring for your scalp improves the overall health of your tresses, stimulates hair growth and gets rid of dandruff due to product buildup. Scalp treatments range from serums to salt scrubs, so pick a product that suits your hair needs. Le Labo's basil-scented Scrub Shampoo uses black sea salt and menthol to clear away dirt and cool scalps down.”