Staying at home? Your guide to online grocery shopping in UAE

Staying at home? Your guide to online grocery shopping in UAE
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Updated 25 March 2020

Staying at home? Your guide to online grocery shopping in UAE

Staying at home? Your guide to online grocery shopping in UAE
  • The online stores have witnessed higher demand in the past weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic that caused consumers to stay at home and order online

DUBAI: The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, has launched a list of apps featuring 22 online grocery stores in the country that will still operate during the coronavirus outbreak, state news agency WAM reported on Tuesday.

The online stores have witnessed higher demand in the past weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic that caused consumers to stay at home and order online.

A 2020 Ministry of Economy report said online consumption is expected to increase in the coming months, raising the value of online commerce to more than $19.77 million this year.

A list of purchasing apps used in the UAE:

Union Coop: The online app provides several grocery services to customers and connects Union Coops with shoppers. Customers can create and manage their own shopping list.

Carrefour: The application allows users to browse and shop from a wide range of categories including groceries, personal care products and electronics.

Amazon: The online platform allows consumers to access products details, read reviews and buy millions of items available from Amazon and other merchants.

Noon: The app offers a selection of brands in categories such as electronics, fashion, health, beauty and grocery.

Supermart: An online grocery shopping app that delivers fruits, vegetables, dairy and bakery products.

Aswaaq online: Allows customers to access a wide range of products including food, healthcare products and electronics and have their orders delivered at their preferred time.

Westzone: Offers a wide range of quality, imported and locally produced products such as vegetables, meat and fish.

Lulu: The supermarket chain offers an online shopping experience in categories that include fruits and vegetables, beauty, personal care, and meats and seafood.

ELGROCER: Consumers can order from local supermarkets near them and the grocery delivery service app will deliver their order to their homes.

Talabat: An online grocery delivery service that allows customers to track their delivery and re-order their favorite items.

Supamarket: An e-commerce grocery shopping platform, and coming soon on web, allows consumers to compare grocery prices, find product availability and promotional deals, and have their items delivered to their doorsteps.

Bawiq: An online grocery shopping app dedicated to being a green business. The platform delivers groceries in recyclable shopping bags.

Instashop: Customers can serve most of their needs from groceries to household products, from any nearby supermarket such as Zoom, Al Maya, Union Coop, Spar and others across the UAE.

Trolley: The online grocery store operating in Dubai helps customers shop for thousands of products, get product details, and read reviews on thousands of products from the app.

Dukkani: A pan-Arab grocery shopping app enables all grocery shopping stores to sell their products online through the app.

Gogrocery: An online grocery shopping app where customers can get access to a wide range of products including fruit, vegetables and household items.

Sharjah Coop Society: The application allows shareholders and customers to follow all that is new at the Cooperative Society and receive notifications for the promotion campaigns and special offers. Consumers can also view their shopping record for all year and find how to reach the coop’s different branches across the country.

Emirates coop: The app lets customers browse through a range of products including vegetables, fruit, bakery items, and skin care products.

Safest Way: An online grocery shopping app that sells organic and heathy food to customers.

Swan: Allows customers to order groceries and household items from their favorite supermarkets and stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain. A grocery delivery company that brings together different merchandisers across the country and delivers orders to customers at their doorsteps.

Valu Cart: Online grocery store selling daily essentials such as food, bakery and skin care products.

Meat and Fish:

Martin’s Meats: Online app that delivers frozen poultry and seafood – as well as other meats. It also sells beef and lamb. All orders are cash on delivery.

Spring Bok: Delivers Australian grass-fed beef and lamb products along with locally accredited chicken, to customers in the United Arab Emirates.

Tari Fresh: The platform was formed by Dubai Fishermen Co-operative Association in 2013 to sell and deliver fresh fish to customers’ door steps.

Zabihati: A portal that allows customers to buy livestock and have it slaughtered and butchered.

Zabayeh: The app allows consumers to order sheep and goat meat, and choose the cutting method and packaging.

Tazj: The platform allows customers to buy any type of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and meat through the app.

Almawashi: Consumers can choose sheep or cows available at the cattle market, selecting images on the app, and then order to get it slaughtered by the Dubai Abattoir.

Vegetable, fruits and fresh food:

Kibsons: An app launched in Dubai that allows customers to order fresh organic fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and bread.

Nrtc fresh: Customers in Dubai can order fresh fruit and vegetables through this app.

Quality food: Customers can order fresh food and branded groceries to be delivered directly to their doorsteps across the country.

Farm box: An online grocery shop that delivers fruit, vegetables, dairy products and bakery across UAE.

Fresh to home: Customers can purchase fresh chemical-free fish, antibiotic free chicken, duck and mutton online.

Organic F&C: A company that runs organic supermarkets and cafés selling fresh organic and biodynamic foods, groceries, supplements, meat, dairy products, breads and household cleaning products.

Green: An online app that allows customers to get access to a wide range of fresh products including healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables.

Kinda: An online platform in Al-Ain that delivers fruits and vegetables at customers’ doorsteps.


WaterWa: Customers across the UAE can order water online through WaterWa. The app has multiple features including monthly and weekly subscriptions.

Masafi: Customers have a shopping experience of different Masafi products such as pure natural mineral water, fresh and natural juices, chips, basmati rice and world-class tissues.

Mykom: Delivers water and other grocery items to customers’ doorsteps across the UAE.

MaiDubai: The bottled drinking water supplier in Dubai sells online low sodium healthy bottled mineral water in UAE with delivery service.

Pharmacies: The delivery app brings together different pharmacies and delivers medicines to customers at their doorsteps.

800 Pharmacy: The app provides easily accessible healthcare products to customers in a safe and timely manner.

Life Pharmacy: Customers can upload prescriptions, order products and earn reward vouchers.