What We Are Buying Today: Kyes

What We Are Buying Today: Kyes
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Updated 03 April 2020

What We Are Buying Today: Kyes

What We Are Buying Today: Kyes

Kyes is a Saudi concept brand that offers reusable bags, an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic versions that harm the environment.

The brand was established in February 2019 by students from King Abdul Aziz University who wanted to set up an environmental group to promote the use of non-plastic reusable products.

Through labels and art applied to its products, Kyes spreads awareness about plastic pollution, highlighting the risk it poses to humans, animals and marine life.

Kyes is an Arabic word denoting good and intelligent behavior. To support environmental well-being, the brand uses the motto “Let’s save the rest,” which encourages people to avoid reckless plastic use.

The brand’s simple, stylish and practical reusable tote bags are made of canvas, and come in a range of colors and sizes.

Bags feature different designs, and are suitable for everyday use and grocery shopping.

Students who set up the company also organize workshops and events to promote Kyes’ environmental goals.

Products can be found mostly at academic and social events or through supermarkets. Find out more via the brand’s Instagram account @kyes_company.