Shahid VIP launches new original for kids

Shahid VIP launches new original for kids
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Updated 07 September 2021

Shahid VIP launches new original for kids

Shahid VIP launches new original for kids
  • The animated Arabic series, ‘Globie’s Colourful World,’ tells the story of a shy cow 

DUBAI: MBC Group’s streaming service Shahid is celebrating the back-to-school season with a host of new and old content for kids.

The newest show in the line-up is a Shahid Original titled “Globie’s Colourful World.” The Arabic-language animation show is targeted at preschoolers and tells the story of Globie, a quiet, shy cow who avoids trying new experiences. To help her become more social, Globie’s parents arrange magical and colorful trips to neighboring islands where she makes friends, leading her to discover a new side of herself.

“Not only do we understand the importance of providing child-friendly content on Shahid, but we also understand how crucial it is to curate premium quality Arabic-language content that can help our younger viewers build up their Arabic language skills,” said Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, group director of content at Shahid.

Along with providing content exclusively for kids, Shahid is also mindful of enabling safety features on its platform. This includes adults being able to shortlist what is available to kids and setting up an independent profile for them, which they cannot exit without a pin code set by the adults.

“With Shahid’s safety features, parents and guardians can have a stress-free experience knowing that their kids are only watching what is suitable for them,” Andersen added.

Shahid’s back-to-school lineup also includes shows such as “Masha and the Bear,” “Cocomelon,” “Counting with Paula,” “My Little Pony Collection,” “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates,” “Invention Story,” and “Science Guy.”