Haj 2016

Hajis leave Makkah with unforgettable memories

By Arab News ·

Successful Haj silences critics

By Siraj Wahab ·

International media conveys right message of Haj

By Arab News ·

Drones keep watch as pilgrims ascend Mount Arafat for Haj climax

By Dahlia Nehme | Reuters ·

Haj sermon calls for unity as pilgrims fill Arafat

By Arab News ·

Pilgrims gather in Arafat for climax of Haj

By Siraj Wahab ·

Younger generation more focused on religion

By Agence France Presse ·

The tent city comes to life

By Arab News ·

Free car repair service offered

By Sultan Al-Sughair ·

Pilgrims told to mind personal hygiene

By Mohammed Rasooldeen ·