Dhow raids reveal Iran’s supply line of sophisticated missiles to Yemen’s Houthis

  • A "351" land-attack cruise missile matches weapon used to attack Aramco sites
  • US military raided two dhows in three months and found similar Iran-made weapons heading for Houthis
By Jonathan Lessware ·


Turkey launches operation against Syrian regime troops

  • The offensive by Turkish troops and National Liberation Front fighters targeted Assad regime forces near the village of Neirab
  • Analyst warns of a growing risk of clashes between Turkish forces and Russians in the region amid mounting tension between the two countries


‘Social explosion’ in Lebanese camps imminent, warn officials

  • Situation volatile as Palestinian refugees face economic crisis after US peace plan

Iranians begin voting in parliamentary election

  • Voting is scheduled to last for 10 hours
  • There are some 58 million Iranians eligible to vote for the country’s 290-seat parliament
By Reuters ·

Japan to let off last healthy cruise travelers, isolate rest

  • The ship docked at a Yokohama port has the most COVID-19 cases outside of China, with 634 confirmed by late Thursday
  • Six government quarantine workers contracted the virus, raising questions about the protective measures used
By AP ·

Finnish-style play-based learning to provide alternative to Gulf's hothouse education scene

  • The Finnish approach to education is grounded in the idea of providing schools with autonomy and support and giving teachers freedom
  • Finland has a national pre-primary curriculum that is focused on holistic, play-based learning and skills development

Saudi Arabia make perfect start to Asia Cup qualification with win over Qatar

  • Hosts won 68-57 over their Gulf neighbors
By Arab News ·

Qatar’s BeIN chairman, two others indicted in bribery case

  • Former FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke charged with accepting bribes, among others
  • Al-Khelaifi charged with inciting Valcke to commit aggravated criminal mismanagement
By AP ·