Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond is an Associate at LSE IDEAS at the London School of Economics.

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UK faces a rocky road ahead after Brexit

The UK has begun what it asserts will be the country’s most sweeping defense and security review since the end of the Cold War.  But while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is eager to explore the potential opportunities of the post-Brexit landscape, the challenges are mounting too.

February 22, 2020

Why Brexit is about more than just Britain

Saturday was the EU’s first day without the UK as a member. While much attention has focused on what withdrawal means for London, how the bloc itself changes because of Brexit could be a significant but often overlooked outcome. 

February 01, 2020

Boris goes to Washington

Boris Johnson is finalizing plans with Donald Trump for a trip to Washington next month. While the visit will be designed to showcase personal warmth between the two, it comes at a tricky time.

January 25, 2020