The Mayman Show

A professional in the Saudi Communication and Media industry, who started at the tender age of 12. Hussam has been in various live coverage for Saudi TV and was part of the Royal Media envoy to Qatar's GCC summit. He transitioned to press journalism and has had numerous articles that circulated through many international media outlets. Hussam was never afraid of trying new experiences and was the first Saudi to provide live sports commentary for Saudi football in English. He was also interviewed by various international outlets such as ABC, BBC, BBC Sports and others on pressing matters of interest from Saudi Arabia. Al Mayman transitioned to the Communications industry working for H&K Strategies and Edelman consulting on a wide range of projects. 

Hussam was the Senior Assignment Producer for MBC News programs department making him the youngest to hold this newsroom leadership position in the Arab world. Hussam has worked with many media outlets from around world as like Al-Arabiya English, Associated French Press, EU Audio Visual Services, and for Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier during the visit of President Donald Trump to the Kingdom. He is currently a leading Advisor for initiatives stemming from Saudis Vision 2030. He led Edelman's PRCA MENA award winning PR Campaign for Best Crisis Communications 2020 for AlSoudah Season.



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