Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the UK. She is editor of the Media Services Syndicate and has interviewed numerous heads of state.

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Why Trump’s Iraq drawdown is a gift to Iran and Daesh

Halving the number of US troops in Iraq is a terrible idea. Just ask the head of US Central Command, Gen. Frank McKenzie, who in recent days warned of sharp increases in Iran-backed attacks against US bases in Iraq.

September 13, 2020

The emigration brain drain – Lebanon’s looming new catastrophe

About 380,000 Lebanese are said to be considering departing their home country in the context of the ongoing economic and political meltdown. There are few families in Lebanon who don’t have relatives abroad, so networks already exist to expedite migration.

September 06, 2020

Navigating Trumpian America’s deranged QAnon rabbit hole

We may think we’ve seen it all, but the QAnon phenomenon takes insanity and bogus conspiracy-mongering to whole new levels.

August 30, 2020

To save Lebanon, break the Aoun-Nasrallah unholy alliance

When historians come to write the definitive account of this tortuous phase of Lebanon’s history, it is likely to be President Michel Aoun who bears the lion’s share of criticism for betraying his nation.

August 16, 2020

As Lebanese anger grows, time for real answers

Everybody knows who controls Lebanon’s ports, airports and national borders. Everybody knows how hundreds of tons of Iranian weapons and explosives have made their way into Lebanon.

August 09, 2020