What We Are Reading Today: Our Bodies, Their Battlefields by Christina Lamb

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Updated 25 September 2020

What We Are Reading Today: Our Bodies, Their Battlefields by Christina Lamb

This is a searing account of women’s suffering during war time. 

Rape, Christina Lamb writes, is the “most neglected” war crime of the 1949 Geneva Convention. 

“The Rwandan conviction of Mayor Akaseyu, who himself was directly responsible for the rape and killing of Tutsis, is touted as the first war case where a high-profile person was punished along with rape charges,” said a review in goodreads.com. 

“Going further, the tales of atrocities committed by Serbians against the Bosnian muslims shows how neighbors and acquaintances take part in crime against women without any remorse,” said the review.

It added: “There are also narratives of the Rohingya women at Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh who had suffered hardships in the hands of the Burmese military.”

The review said: “In the wake of the #MeToo movement, rape crimes have begun to be treated seriously, however the author contends that conviction of such crimes during war time is still very minimal and serious steps are needed to overcome this mindset.”

It added: “The topic of war is usually associated with nationalism, military powers and strategies, while its tragic consequences are only measured in terms of the number of live lost.” 

What We Are Eating Today: Melted

Updated 23 October 2020

What We Are Eating Today: Melted

A group of Saudi friends with a tasty business idea have found sweet success with their chocolate brownie venture.
The pals launched their project, Melted, in Jeddah four years ago to establish their own brand of brownies and their creations have since proved a hit with connoisseurs of the confection.
Melted offers an array of mouthwatering multiflavored brownies including classic chocolate milk, lotus, peanut butter chocolate, and Arabic coffee while its recently released rich, dark chocolate, raspberry brownie bar adds a fruity twist to the range.
Its signature cookie is chewy, warm, and filled with a mix of chocolate chips and Melted also produces seasonal flavors such as birthday blondies, and colorful vanilla fudge bars. In addition, its Karak bars are a cakey combination of black tea, cardamom, and cloves infused with sweet notes of cinnamon.
All the bars are served in jars with the customer’s name printed on the side.
For more information visit Instagram @melted.sa