Lebanon’s leaders attend Independence Day military parade amid protests

  • Top politicians made their first joint appearance since massive anti-government protests erupted last month
  • The parade couldn’t be held in its traditional location in Beirut because a protest camp still occupies the area
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Tension between Iraq defense minister and Iranian-backed faction peaks

  • ‘Third party’ accused of killings as documents show ministry had tear gas canisters in warehouses imported from Serbia

Pompeo urges Iranians to share videos showing ‘regime’s crackdown’ on protesters

  • Iran put down the demonstrations that began Nov. 15 over gasoline prices rising
  • Rouhani has promised the fuel price increase will fund new subsidies for poor families
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Diriyah Gate to be a global, historical and cultural landmark

  • Diriyah is home to Al-Turaif District, built in 1744 and known as one of the largest clay cities in the world
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Greece to “shut the door” to migrants not entitled to asylum, PM says

  • The government announced plans to shut overcrowded refugee camps on islands and replace them with more restrictive holding centers
  • They want to move up to 20,000 people to the mainland by the end of the year
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Saudi Arabia must plan carefully for ‘super cities,’ says strategist

  • Author and global strategist Parag Khanna held up Dubai as an example of a city that was making major progress in the drive to ”smart status”
  • In his recent book “Connectography,” he said that research by consultants McKinsey found that the minimum size for a “super city” was 4 million inhabitants
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Saudi driver Reema Juffali makes history as first woman to compete in Saudi Arabia

  • Juffali is VIP driver in the Jaguar I-PACE e-TROPHY
  • Ahead of the race she said: “I am very excited"
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Turkish court upholds verdict against 12 ex-staff of opposition newspaper

  • 14 employees of Cumhuriyet were sentenced in April 2018 to various jail terms on terrorism charges
  • The case drew global outrage over press freedom under President Tayyip Erdogan
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