Saudi Arabia records sharp drop in daily coronavirus toll

  • 30 deaths on Saturday was the lowest daily rate for a week
  • Number of active cases in KSA now stands at 61,903
By Rawan Radwan ·

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COVID-19 crisis puts regional health-care occupations in the limelight

  • Health care takes center stage as COVID-19 pandemic underscores importance of the sector
  • Middle East wakes up to the indispensability of doctors, nurses and other health professionals
By Jumana Al Tamimi ·

Dubai announces additional economic stimulus package of $1.7 billion

  • The stimulus comes in three packages
  • One of the packages includes the waiving of some license renewals for schools
By Arab News ·

Saudi TikTok users weigh in on potential app ban

  • Due to pandemic, interest in the app skyrocketed as many users watch videos and try to recreate them while in quarantine
By Hala Tashkandi ·

US ‘disappointed’ by Turkey mosque move on Hagia Sophia

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has chipped away at the Muslim-majority country’s secularism, announced Muslim prayers on July 24 at the UNESCO World Heritage site
By AFP ·

In a victory for Assad, UNSC approves aid to Syria’s rebel area through only one crossing

  • Russia and China earlier vetoed two Security Council resolutions seeking to maintain the two crossings from Turkey
  • Russia had previously forced the Security Council to reduce the crossing points for aid deliveries from four to two
By AP ·

Motorhomes come of age as Europe relaxes lockdowns

  • This form of transport means freedom — and health and safety into the bargain
By AFP ·

Bollywood megastar Bachchan hospitalized with COVID-19

  • Affectionately known as "Big B", Bachchan shot to stardom in the early 1970s on the back of roles in huge hit movies such as "Zanjeer" and "Sholay"
  • Millions of Indians revere Bachchan like royalty, hanging on his every word and seeking his blessings
By AFP ·