Saudi Arabia sets out 10 more programs to achieve Vision 2030

Updated 01 May 2017

Saudi Arabia sets out 10 more programs to achieve Vision 2030

JEDDAH: The Council of Economic Affairs and Development has identified 10 programs of strategic importance for the government to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in April 2016.
The 10 new programs will implement specialized plans in housing, improving the lifestyle of Saudis and residents, serving pilgrims and other programs that support national leadership in industry and financial markets. The new plans will also strengthen national identity and bolster Saudi culture, arts and entertainment. It will be operational as soon as the plans are completed during the third quarter of 2017.
These programs are extensions of the original plans approved in the National Transformation Program 2020 and launched last June, and under the Financial Balancing Program 2020, which was launched last December. Their mechanisms were formulated in accordance with the vision’s governance, which was approved in May 2016.
The programs were developed to strengthen the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 in making the Kingdom’s economy more prosperous and its society more vibrant, adhering to Islamic values and the well-established national identity.
The programs represent the system of achieving the vision. The council will monitor its implementation until 2020. The council will follow the approved governance that ensures accountability, transparency and continuous monitoring.

Startup of the Week: Sepale offers long-lasting blooms

Updated 3 min 7 sec ago

Startup of the Week: Sepale offers long-lasting blooms

JEDDAH: Qualified chemical engineer Fahad Andergeeri became a florist after spotting a gap in the market.

“The idea for Sepale came when I couldn’t find a good flower shop here (in Jeddah), nothing compared with Dubai or New York,” he told Arab News. “So I decided to open up my own brand.”

The 27-year-old entrepreneur started his online store to sell long-lasting blooms that people could cherish. He also introduced top-notch chocolate and packaging as quality is something Andergeeri is particularly proud of. 

“We try to keep everything very high quality, the packages are high-end, the roses are some of the best in the world, and the chocolates are imported from Belgium. We wouldn’t sell fresh flowers in the beginning, we would sell preserved roses that last for a year or more.”

Preserved roses are fresh roses that are chemically treated to live for longer periods of time.

Andergeeri’s passion for flowers started in childhood. “I spent a lot of time browsing on Instagram. At that time, I knew that there were very few shops that specialized in selling flowers.”

He became curious and started to familiarize himself with local vendors. He said that the rose industry in Jeddah was still developing when he entered the market, so he decided to import roses from abroad.

“It took time to learn and figure (it) out. I researched a lot and traveled to places like the Netherlands and China. It was a challenge in the beginning but once we got better at it, it got easier.”

The whole process took him six months of sampling, researching, and changing the products to suit the brand image.

The packaging is what makes the shop unique, he added. “I wanted to give the receiver something that is a complete gift they can keep for the maximum amount of time. It is not like a bouquet that you will keep for a few days and then throw away.”

He aims to become one of the leading flower shops in the market by 2030.