Classes in Lebanon to resume from May 28

Lebanese workers spray disinfectant in classrooms and halls of a school in Rmeileh, south of Beirut, in this March 2, 2020 photo. (AFP)
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Updated 09 May 2020

Classes in Lebanon to resume from May 28

DUBAI: Lebanon’s schools and universities will reopen for classes from May 28 as the country gradually reopens despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities, technical schools, students in Grades 12 and 9 will resume classes starting May 28 and school days can be held up to 6 days a week, Education Minister Tarek Majzoub said in a report from The Daily Star.

“We fought coronavirus from inside the classes and when the situation got more dangerous, we closed down all educational institutions and we launched distance learning,” Majzoub was quoted as saying.

Grade 9 official Brevet exams have been cancelled but students are still expected to attend school and pass their class exams and will also receive official certificates by the government, the education chief explained, and added that independent students can still take the official exam, which will be administered for them once, in mid-August.

Students in other classes will be required to attend school starting June 11, at least a few times a week, and continue distance learning on the remainder of days.

Baccalaureate examinations meanwhile would be administered in August and September and subjects would be divided into compulsory and optional courses, Majzoub said, adding that “all health measures will be taken during the official exams.”

“From the scenarios that have been recommended [for school schedules], an average of four hours [of classes] daily and continuing distance learning till the end of July [have been recommended],” he added.

Schools, universities, educational institutions and nurseries were the first ones ordered to shutter in March as precaution against coronavirus transmission.

US Justice Department: Disruption of fuel shipment bound for Venezuela was largest ever seizure from Iran

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US Justice Department: Disruption of fuel shipment bound for Venezuela was largest ever seizure from Iran

WASHINGTON: The United States has seized four Iranian fuel shipments en route to Venezuela and confiscated the cargoes, the Justice Department said on Friday, calling it the largest-ever such US seizure of Tehran's petroleum.
DOJ said it executed out a seizure order issued by a US court in the District of Columbia, and with the assistance of foreign partners, the seized property, totaling approximately 1.116 million barrels of petroleum, is now in US custody.